Minutes 12/3/2010

Posted on 12th March 2010

h2. Present:

MrWilson, Dirtus, Dangerman, PokeForCake, Sinjo, Estel, Cranman, Connor, Agaeki, Fyorl, Mulletron, Bucko, Zed0, SigmaD, Monk and TeamDoherty

h2. Minutes:

h3. Agenda:

-An agenda would be useful, maybe googledocs

h3. Gaming:

-Fyorl got Diablo 2 working.
- TeamDoherty wants to get steam working.
- People need to own games to play is a benefit.
- Connor reckons that with enough work, most steam games could be run.
-Fyorl has server access and has giventhe appropriate people Aurora access.
*Action*: Mulletron and Estel explaining how Aurora works to Agaeki.
-Gaming officer/president still need login password.
-Coventry university gaming day next friday.

h3. Company contacts:

-'They're in a small database completely contained within my head.' - Connor

h3. E-mails/Mailing List:

-E-mails to be switched to new exec.
-Fyorl to do switchover
-Fyorl added himself and was added by Monk.
-Sinjo to put Fyorl on the root users mailing lists.
-'Trivially filterable into somewhere you don't need to look.' - Sinjo

h3. Publicity handover:

-'Do you know the Phantom Coach's phone number?' - Mulletron
-'Yeah' - Dirtus

h3. Keys:

-Have been handed over.
-Another pair might be good as Sinjo and Connor continue to do maintenence.

h3. If Servers explode during the holidays:

-MrWilson is mostly nearby, Mulletron will also be available.
-'So it's me then.' - Mulletron

h3. Codd Downtime:

-Codd went down, at this time nobody knows why.
-There is an incident report on the techteam wiki (Possibly a hardware issue?)
-If no cause is found, it may go down again in the future.

h3. Academic Plans:

-'He stopped breathing there for a minute' - Mulletron
-Arrange similar events.
-Contact IBM.

h3. Connor's Shopping List and other things to buy:

-New cases for the servers and 'Extreme Massive airflow fans'
-The above costs about £340.
-The society has about £2000 in the account.
-'I've gone for serious fans.'-Connor
-'Not shit' boxes for carrying stuff.
-The cupboard should be measured to find the right size of box.
-'Make a ProgComp about it.'-Monk
-'Boxes from Ikea have labels saying don't put babies in boxes.'-Bucko
-'You've got to put babies in the right box.' - PokeForCake

h3. Cables for LAN:

-Need more small cables as they disappear after LANs.
-It would be too much trouble to make cables.
-'I can do the bitch work.' - Dirtus
-Dirtus to make 100 short cables.

h3. Events:

-Gaming needs to not last a week.
-Adding events 3 weeks in advance is suitable.

h3. Budget:

-Draft budget needed very soon.
-Monk and Cranman will sort out the budget tonight.
-The budget can have a photo.
-'Do you want to pose for a picture Bucko?'
-Buy a huge screen so you can play games standing on the other side of the room.
-'The Union is bust' - Monk
-'We could pay the union's debts.' - Estel
-'Having a plan is a good plan.'
-The budget is the plan for next year

h3. Pokemon Thing:

-Judged the time wrong - actually tomorrow.
-'So you go to Nuneaton to get a pokemon...' - Sinjo
-'It's not a real animal.' - Mulletron

h3. Football:

-The playing fields are booked until the end of term.
-'Football is like DotA, you pretend it's a team game.' - Monk
-'Stun him!' - Monk
-People only want to play a casual game, as opposed to entering leagues/competitions.
-'That means we can beat them easier.'-Monk

h3. The reason for not playing on the field next to maths:

-"What if it's cold?"

h3. Compsoc Paintball:

-CompSoc vs PaintballSoc is traditional.
-Mary is on the paintball exec.
*Action*: Dirtus to talk to Mary about paintball.
-Dirtus has gokarting planned for week9

h3. Clothing:

-The costs for digitising the logo too big to be given to the 6 people interested.
*Action*: MrWilson to talk to Sadiq about clothing.

h3. Various Admin:

*Action*: hand in change of exec form
-The Exec contact list in the cupboard needs updating - can be done after meeting.
*Action*: Exec to update bios.

h3. Misc:

-Azurit is probably watching Sharpe.
-'Calm down Bucko.' - Mulletron
-'Not DDRCS.' - MrWilson
-'We should get a brothel and charge for it.' - Fyorl

h2. Next Meeting:

-Wednesday 17th March