Minutes - 11th February 2015

Posted on 11th February 2015

Present: hermit, maddy, kirby, marmite, mcnutty, phillammon, rayhaan, rhiba, robot

Next meeting: Wed 18th February, 1pm

h1. Academic

-Mcnutty is planning on arranging a meeting with Matt Leeke to talk about running events like talks with DCS
-Decided to let go of the MSL stuff since the contact is not returning emails.

h1. Gaming

-Talked about advertising Occulus Rift more, bringing it out at every gaming and LAN. Mcnutty has it working on his computer.
-Xbox guy (Joe) has stuff for a Halo tournament this week only so it's going to be at gaming on Friday. Will be sending a separate email about it.
-Mcnutty is booking the piazza screen for Friday 13th March to play Smash, Mario Kart etc
-Also talked about doing "Warwick Plays Pokemon" on the piazza screen with a simple website that people can go to on phones for input, could be done in term 3.
-Phillammon talked about his meeting with Roger and this is what came of it: (bear in mind these are just "grumbles" and we don't have to do anything asap)
-Roger doesnt like us using the atrium
-There is a coursework deadline in week 9 for 4th years and he's worried we'll take up the whole ground floor (this isnt true)
-Gaming doesn't add to the department. We decided we should make it so it does! Advertise talks etc
-SSLC mentioned us, but they mention everything including the handdryers.

h1. Tech

h1. Social

h1. Publicity

-Talked about flyers/posters again, hermit still working on it.

h1. Misc

-Rayhaan and Mcnutty went to societies committee meeting. It was pretty useless, they said we still cant be in two categories, the only possible change is that we can be under leisure but we decided that wasn't really an option.
-Constitution was talked about again, the draft is still being worked on, and we are going to hold an online EGM in week 9. It will be advertised from week 7 onwards.
-Talked about a strategy for 2015/16, or, what we want to achieve. This is what came out: Sorting out good advertising for Freshers fair. Running a series of talks in term 1, working with the department and game design to get good speakers in. Progcomps should have prizes and we should ask lecturers to advertise them. Offer coursework help and exam revision sessions (like other societies do) in XING. A guide on how exactly to use IRC, like from requesting a shell account to joining the channel. Keeping up relations with related societies, for example, a facebook chat with all presidents. Get cluster working properly, fix website and music server. Continuing tournaments at gaming, with prizes. Getting sponsorship!

h1. Action overflow:

h1. All Exec

-Upload photo (if not already done).

h1. phillammon

-Talk with other gaming societies.

h1. rhiba

-spam freshers page
-email teacher
-irc guide
-write email, write in facebook group about xbox tournament - halo!

h1. maddy

-give mcnutty list of society’s games
-give mcnutty his glasses dammit

h1. rayhaan

-link steam and facebook groups on website
-opportunity fund stuff
-make sure publicity officer gets all emails
-remove individual email positions from old exec
-remove ibm logo from forums
-put music server rules url in

h1. marmite

h1. robot

-think about end of term events, plan them

h1. mcnutty

-add xing to events page
-3 keys cut for server cupboard 006
-sort out smash on 13th

h1. hermit

-update society posters
-society business cards
-occulus in FB group