Meeting Notes 11-11-2020

Posted on 11th November 2020

Present: Amelie, Dan, John, Ryan, Scott, Thomas, Toby

Absent: Daisy

  • Academic
    • Lightning talks-
      • Speakers
        • John Topic TBD
        • Sam/Finnbar Karaoke talk
        • Searching for third
      • Poke DCS to get the academic talks advertised properly - DO THIS
    • G-Research Code Event
      • Week 8
      • Groups of 3-5
      • Series of challenges to build an NLP engine
  • Gaming
    • Picking games is hard
    • Running a drop-in game as a deliberate event may garner interest
    • Gaming is...okay, it works but attendance very uneven
  • LAN
    • Week 8 - Weekend
    • Pick a Christmassy name
      • Strawpoll for name
    • LAN games tournaments
      • Need to research games in advance
  • Opportunities
    • Extra channel for student things we'd like to promote that aren't sponsored.
      • Would be nice, doesn't drown out other announcements or official opportunities
    • Curated from requests for things we consider to be relevant and useful
    • If unsolicitied posting becomes a problem again in future, revisit it.
  • AOB
    • Opening ports - Sent reply stating it is still relevant
    • Advent of Code -
      • Aim to push it more as everyone is remote and it would be a fun thing to get more people involved in.
      • Produce Mentor guide
      • Produce Synopsis