Minutes - 10th January 2014

Posted on 10th January 2014

*Present*: veltas, murtag, ruth, rayhaan

h1. Academic

-ruth: talk from BBC arranged with Candle looking like week 7, still in the works
-rayhaan to do a talk week 4
*ACTION*: veltas to book room for rayhaan's talk week 4
*ACTION*: ruth to put programming workshop on website
-veltas: should be able to arrange computing museum trip for week 6 (if not week 3)

h1. Social

*ACTION*: hir to put pub on website
*ACTION*: oli and murtag to sort out pop with animesoc

h1. Gaming

-We decided against hiding the future events when we add them in bulk.
-murtag: will think of a tournament for tomorrow
-murtag: do guest accounts work?

h1. Tech

-Well do they? Do guest accounts work? To follow-up next week
-Stopped warnings that had taken up ~16GB in /var from one of the websites using us as a host

h1. Miscellaneous

*ACTION*: veltas to mention AGM, positions, requirements in newsletter
*ACTION*: veltas to check SU website about whether we need to do something special to make a new exec position
*ACTION*: veltas to sort out clothes order
*ACTION*: veltas to make doodle to figure out time for next exec meeting