Minutes 10/11/2011

Posted on 10th November 2011

h2. Present:

Cranman, EvilGenius666, James, MikeCobra, MrFabulous, Taby, TD, zed0

h2. Minutes

h3. Academic Talk

-They handle money stuff
*Action:* MikeCobra to send Room Booking

h3. LAN

-Week 9

h3. Barcraft

-Week 8
*Action:* TD to tell union to print posters and such

h3. NUEL

-LoL Tournament

h3. Christmas Meal

-Wing Wah
-Wednesday Week 9
*Action:* Genius' Job

h3. JP Morgan

-Term 2 ProgComp
-Giving us money
-Publicize thing

h3. Bletchley Park

-Trip to said place sometime term 2
*Action:* zed0 to do phoning