Minutes 04/03/2015

Posted on 4th March 2015

Present: rayhaan, mcnutty, hermit, phillammon, rhiba, marmite, robot

Next meeting: Wed 11th March, 1pm

h1. Academic

h1. Gaming

-nothing more to add on the piazza screen event, Phillammon is keeping in contact.
-Thinking about advertising a big hearthstone tournament sometime.

h1. Tech

-cluster - over easter.. being installed. Openstack probably way to go.
-website auth system done

h1. Social

h1. Publicity

-Talked about posters and promo shots and what to do with both. Need printing asap.

h1. Misc

-rockets - going well! everyone has been assigned tasks, two treasurers are talking about costs. Put it in newsletter! About Rockets and 3D oculus rift stuff, to contact Will if interested.

h1. Action overflow:

h1. All Exec

h1. phillammon

h1. rhiba

-spam freshers page

h1. maddy

h1. rayhaan

-migrate gallery so we can upload stuff!
-fix planet compsoc
-fix anime/all mailing lists.

h1. marmite

h1. robot

-advertise events

h1. mcnutty

h1. hermit