Minnits - 5 December 2001

Posted on 5th December 2001

h3. Compsoc Exec Minnits

h4. 5 December 2001

h4. Present

* Richard Colfer
* Tom Cropper
* Alexis Birkill
* Jake Staines
* Henry Southgate
* Tom Ward

h4. One World Week

We've had some guys from the One World Week ask us if they can use Molotov as their server during said week. We said they can have an account, and the following points were discussed.

* Username - oww
* Java - possible, but not for definite.
* Domain - we can host this if they'd like.
* E-Cards - fair enough.
* SMS - OK if they privde software etc.
* Personalised E-mails - OK, provided that their bulk mailing is within ITS limits.
* Calendar - OK
* Perl - OK

We'll also try and get some free publicity for Compsoc.

It was at this point that Tom Ward arrived, hot and flustered, as though he had run the whole hundred yards between his house and the pub.

``Sorry, I completely forgot it was Wednesday.''
* Tom Ward

We'll politely ask OWW to display a banner on their site, advertising Compsoc.

They've also asked for a page counter. This can be done usign a single script. James Ross and Jake Staines to iron out the details.

Tickets are easy thing to do, but we'll need details.

Jingly will report back to OWW[1]. We can't promise the uptime, but if they are inconvenienced we'll organise a refund.

h4. Money

Jingly's not got his Cheque, and when H went to collect his cheque on the last day of term, the accounting office was closed.

The CAT5 business is doing well, and we have £100 left in the Union account.

h4. Karting

Yup, we went karting. The weather wasn't too bad, and the track was nice and twisty. All in all a good time was had, and we resolved to do this again sometime.

Final results:

* Steve Gates
* Henry Southgate
* Chris Fanning

The karts we used were lousy. There's apparantly a good place in Birmingham, which we'll investigate for next time.

It also would have been nice to save the lap printouts.

h4. i10

i10 is happening at Easter, and we're going to make it a Compsoc event. The details will be as usual:

* Clan: [UoW] (with brackets!!)
* Area: Q3A

``You said the pong corner, and not the pr0n corner, right?''
* Jake Staines

We're going (unofficially) to Fade's house the night before.

``You can all come to my house!''
* Fade

Adam to arrange an activity.

h4. Newsletter

Things to hit people with when they get back

* *Advertise Molotov!* (assuming it's working)
* Advertise IRC - no netsplits, and own channels possible
* XXXtra webspace: £5 for extra 20MB
* i10

h4. CAT5

CAT5 is doing well, but could do better. We need publicity, and posters in the following places:

* First year halls

Jake to work on posters, and put them up the Friday / Saturday before term starts.
TT to set up an e-mail redirect: cat5@warwickcompsoc.co.uk to forward to exec@warwickcompsoc.co.uk.

fn1. They are his mates, after all.