Minnits - 2nd October 2000

Posted on 2nd October 2000

h3. Compsoc Exec Minnits

h4. 2nd October 2000

h4. Attended

* Chris Smith
* Phil Ross
* Barry Boden
* Ryan Cullen
* Chris Salmon
* Jake Staines

h4. Contents

* Science Ball
* Exec Roles
* Web Signup
* Finance
* Fresher's Fayre
* First Social
* Flyers
* Gaming
* Poster Campaign
* Training
* Socials
* Next Meeting

h4. 0. Minutes

Chris Salmon, as his first Act Of Iron Dominance for the year he serves as president, decreed that the Minutes should bve written up /without/ the vernacular humour that graced earlier editions. The Secretary and Vice President noted that this institution was in fact started by him, but nonetheless, terms such as 'Jedi Persuasion' shall be now absent from the minutes writeup, and the minutes shall correctly be correctly spelt and not referred to as the 'minnits'.

h4. 1. Science Ball

Ryan is still atop the Science Ball issue - there is allegedly a meeting tomorrow (3/10/00) which he will attempt to attend.

h4. 2. Exec Roles

Chris Salmon proposed that the roles of the various members of the exec be better defined so as to allow people to refer tasks to the correct exec member with greater ease. The roles were discussed and definded as thus:
* *President*: Issuing Orders and Decrees, generally overseeing everything and issuing those little slips of paper with the IP address on at LAN parties.
* *Vice President*: Ensuring said Orders and Decrees are actrually carried out and performing miscellaneous non-labour-intensive tasks.
* *Secretary*: Taking minutes at exec meetings and the funnelling of information from and around the collective exec to the general membership.
* *Technical Consultant*: Providing technical assitance at computer-related socials such as LAN parties or allnighters, and answering any technical questions asked of the society.
* *Webmaster*: Relaying information supplied by the Secretary onto the Website, administering the online signup for socials, and maintaining the society webpage in any other manner appropriate.

h4. 3. Web Signup

Phil notified us that the new web signup was now almost in place, and functioned essentially the same as the old one, except that the number of subscriptions to an event was unlimited, allowing people to sign up /in case others drop out later/, and a login has been added to prevent one member signing up multiple times or non-members signing up.

h4. 4. Finance

It was noted that the society did not have a copy of the budget form for this year. Ryan to obtain one.

h4. 5. Fresher's Fayre

Several things need to be done before the Fresher's Fayre. Namely:
* Find out when it is. - Chris Smith
* Obtain a board (via the registration form - Jake to hand in)
* Print a Banner for the society stall - Baz
* Blow up (as in; expand) pages from the booklet to pin on the backboard - Chris Smith
* Print photos&/Screenshots for backboard - Chris Smith
* Buy Biros - 10*12p - Ryan
* Bring Ice Cream Cointainer - Chris Smith
* Create sheets with columns for Name, Uni No., Usercode, Member No. (in greyed out section - for official use only), Details on web, Preferred email - Chris Salmon
The procedure for signing up new members will be as follows:
* Give new member sheet (as detailed above) to fill in their details
* Take money
* Fill in top half of membership book
* Fill in membership card (plastic covered one) fold over and give to new member.
* Give booklet to member and point out the 'First' social to them.

Lastly, Jake to talk to any interested in helping at the fresher's fayre to bring them up to speed.

h4. 6. First Social

The 'first' social of the term, The Induction Social, will be held in South Central, Wednesday of week II, from 7 to 8pm. Jake to mail society/newsgroup announcing.

h4. 7. Flyers

With the objective of getting new members from this year's Computer Science first years, Jake to design third-of-A4 flyer to stick in pigeonholes. Print master and then give to Ryan, who will make 206 copies (one for each pigeonhole) and distribute.

h4. 8. Gaming

Baz to mail ITS and ask about gaming sessions, before we start to advertise them. Room 011 is currently closed - we need to know if this will be open on time, or if we can have a different similarly sized room, and if the 10pm-4am friday & saturday is still OK.

h4. 9. Poster Campaign

Pending the OK from Baz, Chris Salmon to design a 'Come to the first Gaming Session' poster, to make a limited run of and position strategically across campus.

h4. 10. Training

There is a union training session on Saturday (7/10/00) in the cooler at 11am to 3:15pm. All exec members present have agreed to attend, and an impromptu-but-not-impromptu meeting will be held afterwards.

h4. 11. DCS

Members are hereby advised that DCS is not finished yet. In case anyone hadn't noticed. The new DCS building is behind the engineering building by Car Park 15.

h4. 12. Socials

New Socials mooted are Paintball and Karting, with Chris Salmon and Baz to investigate respectively, the perennial favourite of Laserquest will be visited soon, probably in week 3. Pub socials will abound, starting before the first gaming session. All exec members are encouraged to enthuse the membership with this idea in a bid to get more people turning up to anything that isn't gaming.

h4. 13. Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Saturday, 3:15, in the cooler. Another meeting will be scheduled at that time.