Minnits - 26th February 2000

Posted on 26th January 2000

h3. Compsoc Exec Minnits

h4. 26th February 2000

h4. Attended

* Chris Smith
* Chris Salmon
* Ryan Cullen
* Andrew Rudnicki
* Barry Boden

h4. Contents

* LAN Party
* LaserQuest
* AllNighter
* Tournament

h4. 1: LAN Party

Chris Smith has copied the AntiVirus disks. The early starts put people off, but not all. Baz to investigate switching.

h4. 2: LaserQuest

Next Wednesday, Chris Smith to book for about 3pm and mail members. Chris * 2 and Baz coming, possibly including Andy. Chris Salmon to mail Phil about social.

h4. 3: KPMG

Have offered sponsorship. Mailing for more info.

h4. 4: CSV

InstallShield problems are not caused by UnInstallShield running, so in answer to member's question - you can't kill it.

h4. 5: AllNighter

Baz to try to book LIB1 for week 8.

h4. 6: Tournament

h5. Atomic Bomberman members only in CSV gaming time week 5. 50p entrance.

The next meeting is set for ***WED 2pm***, meeting at the Fyshbowl.