Minnits - 20 May 2002

Posted on 20th May 2002, Categories: Meeting Minutes

h3. Compsoc Exec Minnits

h4. 20 May 2002

h4. Present

* David de la Motte
* Tom Cropper
* Adam Bowen
* James Ross

h4. Impact courses

The equi opps one was attended by Fade ("Compsoc now owes me an hour of my life"). Essentially if we disregard the equi opps policy we can be fined or even shut down, but there's no specific paperwork that has to be filled in. The Managing your Money course has been postponed, so Chrispy to attend once it is rescheduled, and also to attend Publicity course.

h4. BBQ

This to be held on the weekend of week 9.

h4. Gaming

No projectiles EVER to be brought to gaming in the future. This applies specifically to Doom and Bucko but also anybody else who might be tempted.

h4. Switch

No specials from Scan yet. If this remains the case until June 3rd then we will buy it from Redstore. Chrispy to organise.

h4. Alton Towers

Possible trip in week 31/2 (!!). H to find out school holiday times.

h4. Suahu

No reply from Rachel Parkins.

h4. LIB power etc.

Chrispy has mailed maintenance, Union finance office and Ann Jarvis but received no reply yet.

h4. Molotov2

No equipment has been given to Phil yet. Fade to go home and get the bits he pledged to Molotov2.

h4. BFL

Signups will go live after the newsletter is sent out. Guest signups will be allowed 2 weeks before the LAN. There will the 1 signup for the BFL (Tuesday - Thursday) and one for the pre-LAN (Monday). People will be able to indicate a preference for people they want to be in a room with. The exec will have the final say over who goes where. H and Jesus should be in separate rooms as they will both have music servers. Teapot will be a file server, and Bryan a games server. James to look into doing funky signup options and guests.


Meeting in Whitefriars pub on Wednesday 29th June, H and Phil to attend.

h4. Academia

Phil to be prodded to write an SML guide.