Minnits - 1st March 2000

Posted on 1st March 2000

h3. Compsoc Exec Minnits

h4. 1st March 2000

h4. Attended

* Chris Smith
* Chris Salmon
* Ryan Cullen
* Barry Boden
* Andrew Rudnicki

h4. Contents

* T-shirts
* Newsletter
* Sponsorship
* Budget Form
* Freshers Fair (next year)
* Pidgeon hole

h4. 1: T-shirts

Lazerlizard has proved to be quite expensive, about £13 for 2 x A4 picture on one shirt. Chris Smith to keep investigating possible printers.

h4. 2: Newsletter

Chris Salmon to write the next newsletter, containing the new exec positions, paintball, allnighter reminder, CSV gaming sessions and the open source software project.

h4. 3: Sponsorship

It was suggested that IBM might be interested.

h4. 4: Budget Form

Ryan to get a full list of members for the society, so we can fill in the form.

h4. 5: Freshers Fair (next year)

Need to discuss details of this at a later date.

h4. 6: Pidgeon hole

Need to remember to request a locker for the start of next year.

h4. 7: AGM

h5. Chris Salmon to book a meeting room for week 10.

The next meeting is set for ***WED 2pm***, meeting at the Fyshbowl.