Minnits - 18th November 2000

Posted on 18th November 2000, Categories: Meeting Minutes

h3. Compsoc Exec Minnits

h4. 18th November 2000

h4. Attended

* Chris Salmon
* Chris Smith
* Jake Staines
* Phil Ross
* Barry Boden

h4. Contents

* Allnighter
* Switch
* Pub Social
* Gaming
* Java Tutorial
* Courses
* Antichris
* Next Meeting

h4. 1. Allnighter

Seeing as Baz is going, and Tom (Worley) is going, we will have enough hubs, and a BNC uplink. Henry (Southgate) is bringing a Linux box to use as a bridge, so we should be able to configure the network quite easily.

h4. 2. Switch

So far, unfortunately, no progress has been made on a switch. Baz to jump up and down upon Ryan to get him to hurry up.

h4. 3. Pub Social

The proposed Quiz to be held at the Pub Social will have as a prize a roll of bubblewrap. Jake to obtain bubblewrap.

h4. 4. Gaming

Friday gaming can continue despite the allnighter, since exec members can turn up and supervise. Richard Colfer has offered to conduct Saturday's gaming if anybody does turn up.

h4. 5. Java Tutorial

Chris to actually get on and really actually /write/ something instead of pontificating on how wonderful it will all be.

h4. 6. Courses

We may need to do some more Onion courses. Suggestions so far are:
* First Aid - Ryan?
* Duty of Care - ?
* How to Use Your Onion - Jake

h4. 7. Antichris

Denies all knowledge. 4 for, 1 abst. 5 present. Upon recount, 5 for, 1 abst. 5 present.

h4. 8. Next Meeting

# am on Friday morning next week, in the Bitchtank.