Minnits - 18 February 2002

Posted on 18th February 2002

h3. Compsoc Exec Minnits

h4. 18 February 2002

h4. Present

* Alexis Birkill
* James Ross
* Chris Smith
* Dave de la Motte
* Jake Staines
* Richard Colfer
* Tom Cropper
* Henry Southgate

h4. Apologies

* Tom Ward

h4. s6

Seeing as we are unable to hold an event without at least mentioning it in the meeting, we figured that we'd better have an 's6' item regardless of whether or not we actually have anything to discuss.

But torrents from mere streams do grow, and we ended up with many many points raised and discussed.

The first was that James should add a 'confirm' option to the signup screen, which people must check in order to confirm their signups.

h5. Scheduling

* Quake3 Tourney: Saturday, 10AM start
* AGM: Saturday, 5:00-6:30-ish
* Challenge: 6:30-ish. Old Exec -vs- New Exec, crossovers to balance
the teams. Quake3 TA, then Eating of Pizzas, then UT.
* StarCraft to take us through the night.

h5. AGM

Jingly to bring a hat and count a vote. Or seven.

It was then noted that the 'funny' quote count had reached an all-time minus three over the last few meetings. This prompted Jingly.

"You know it's time for the new exec to take over when we can't think of anything funny to say."
* Jingly Chris

h4. Bookings

James Ross looked into the Panorama room. Hiring the entire room for one evening would cost around a thousand quid. Alexis to put on Capital Budget Form.

h4. E-Commerce Society

The E-Commerce society have mailed us giving details of two of their events, which may be of interest to our members, one of which was an evening devoted to female IT professionals. We decided that at least one person should attend, and this ended up with the classic:

"I think Tom [Cropper] would make the best woman."
* Jake Staines

H to mail members wrt E-Commerce events.

h4. Scapegoat

With the imminent pipe-and-slippers-donning retirement of Chris Smith, Compsoc are going to need a new scapgoat. Nominations for this fine
exec position were:

* Adam Bown

The vote was passed unanimously, and will take effect irregardless of whether Adam is elected to the exec.

h4. Web

At last, the cookie logins are working! Jingly took exception to this, and threw some mayonnaise at Nutsy who, in returning the favour, missed and hit Dave. Dave glowered before getting out his Lightspeed Ketchup Blaster, taking out Alexis *and* James before being flummoxed by Toaster's Brown Sauce Rush.

"Will you please stop throwing condiments around!"
* Jake

James still has the maintainance site to do.

h5. Backup

Currently, the only backup of the website is that James has on his laptop. While we don't think that this is unreliable, hard drives have a "MTBF" for a reason; and the "M" stands for "Mean", not "Max". James to main a copy on CDRW.

On a similar note, Jingly is to burn a copy of /backup/ onto CD. H would do it but he's not about to dl the 120mb via 56k modem.

h4. Gamesoc

Jingly and Chris looked into Starcraft on the Internet - and the only way we can play Edinburgh is via Battle.net; each player will need their own CD key. Chris to e-mail Gamesoc - Sandy, one of the blokes from i8, is sandy@jedimasters.co.uk - offering a match.

Weasel to be a judge of the A,B,C teams.

h4. BFL

Nutsy looked into times available for the BFL. Lib 1 was booked from 5-8 on Tuesday W30, and Lib 2 on Friday 1-3 and Thursday 7-11.

We decided to make the following bookings.
* LIB1: 8pm Tuesday - 4pm Thursday
* LIB2: 12pm Monday - 4pm Thursday

Nutsy to book ASAP.

It was suggested that we split the signup list into two separate rooms, an idea that carries merit.

At the end of possibly the shortest exec meeting in recent history, everyone went home to sleep.