Minnits - 16th May 2000

Posted on 16th May 2000

h3. Compsoc Exec Minnits

h4. 16th May 2000

h4. Attended

* Chris Smith
* Chris Salmon
* Jake Staines
* Philip Ross
* Barry Boden
* Andy Rudnicki
* Ryan Cullen

h4. Contents

* LAN Party
* Alton Towers
* Laserquest
* Open Source Project
* Pub Social
* Web Site
* Magazine
* Leaflet
* Headphones
* Zippys
* Screenshots
* Gaming
* Freebies
* Exhibitions
* Science Ball
* Shop

h4. 1. Lan Party

This went well, but we are to remind people to bring cable next time, as we had a shortage.

h4. 2. Alton Towers

The price through the union is £19.50, and they organise trips every Wednesday. They will also organise trips for other days, as long as there are at least 35 people interested.

h4. 3. Laserquest

Booked for 24th May. Baz to mail Kuru and Jamie about inter-society games.

h4. 4. Open source Project

Meeting room booked for Friday after next.

h4. 5. Pub Social

Meet 7:50pm in Rootes on Sunday. Chris to mail a reminder.

h4. 6. Web Site

We can't host cgi scripts at DCS or CSV. Phil is to ask the Union about ASPs, and Chris Smith to write a description of the society for the Union website.

h4. 7. Magazine

The cheque was requested, but we have not yet received any receipt. It was agreed that we would buy one and then get the money back from the Union.

h4. 8. Leaflet

Chris Smith to develop further.

h4. 9. Headphones

It was decided that it would be useful if we had some headphone to lend to people during Friday gaming sessions. These are to be bought at the Computer Fair, but we need to see Ann to check if we can get our money back.

h4. 10. Zippys

It was suggested that we could book Zippys for the first social next year, as it would be less crowded than going to the Airport. We are to investigate when we can book this, and if it will cost money.

h4. 11. Screenshots

It was suggested that we hold a competition for the best screenshot - with sub categories (like best non-CS screenshot etc) in an attempt to get some pictures for Freshers Fair/The leaflet

h4. 12. Gaming

It has been decided to keep these sessions on Friday, but due to the forseen increased demand next year, Chris Smith to mail CSV for the possibility of getting an extra session for the first few weeks of next term.
Andy to organise a CS tournament.

h4. 13. Freebies

Everyone was asked to keep their eyes open for possible 'gimmicky' freebies to give to members at freshers fair.

h4. 14. Exhibitions

Everybody asked to keep their eyes open for events.

h4. 15. Science Ball

Ryan to mail Physoc, Chemsoc, etc in the hope of organision a Science faculty ball.

h4. 16. Shop

Things to buy:
* Magazine - PC Format
* Labels - To be put on the magazine 'Property of Compsoc' or something
* Board Marker - For Open Source meeting use, and Gaming sessions
h5. - Headphones - For Gaming sessions

The next meeting is on **Tues 23rd**, meeting in the Fyshbowl