Meeting Notes 29-06-2020

Posted on 29th June 2020

In Attendance: Dan, John, Toby, Ryan, Thomas, Amelie, Daisy, Scott

Late: N/A

Absent: N/A

  • BFW
    • Who runs it:
      • Quiz: Amelie + Thomas
      • Film Night: Amelie
      • Indie Games Tournament: John
      • Board Games: Ryan
      • Racing Tournament: Toby
    • Times:
      • All times are a "We'll try and start at this time"
      • Quiz: 3pm
      • Film Night: 7pm
      • Indie Games Tournament: 3pm
      • Board Games: 3pm
      • Racing Tournament: 3pm
    • Tournament games free or less than £1 (Ideally free)
    • Event timings:
      • 7pm Start as if normal Gaming, start with announcement at that time
        • Pings Gaming/LAN/WANwubbers
    • Channel Organisation:
      • Use #wan as primary channel
      • Push #looking-for-group into WAN
      • Archive #food-orders during
      • Move WAN category to top
    • Will try a special Email for the event, emphasis on subject line
    • Put reminder/announcement on Twitter (also update twitter logo?)
  • WASD
    • Main discussions Post-BFW
  • Hackathon
    • Department has said nothing yet
    • "Problem domains you don't want us to cover" - @DCS


"Exec meetings are our best attended events" - John

"Why are the voice channels called '2' and 'b'?" - Ryan

"I didn't want to give either one priority." - Amelie

"Extrapolating from that, none of your time is worth anything" - John