Meeting Notes 28-05-2020

Posted on 28th May 2020

In attendance: Daisy, Amelie, Dan, John, Toby, Ryan, Thomas



  • BFL
    • Week 11
    • Weekend - Friday -> Tuesday
      • 3rd July - 7th July
    • Quiz
      • Amelie to deal with
    • Film Night
    • Social to end
    • Lots of Amphi
  • Valorant
    • Beta ends today, not a problem for now
    • Do we want to try and set a time or date for some?
  • Hackathon
    • We should try to run another one by end of term.
    • More specific theme
    • Best ideas save for term 1.
    • We might as well ask the department if they want to support it in anyway
  • Socs Award
    • We forgot to, oh well?
  • WASD 2021
    • Poke SU more?
  • Lightning talks
    • Poke people more
    • Poke
    • Poke
    • Stream on Youtube?
  • Socials
    • Goes well normally, do we want to collab? Is it worth it?
    • Advertise to STEM when we decide on a movie

Quotes: "I don't actually have anything for this meeting" - Ryan

"You can't afford my room" - Ryan

'"Theme for WASD 2021; CompSoc shouts into the void" - Amelie'-John