Meeting Notes 24/08/2020

Posted on 24th August 2020

Present: Toby, Ryan, John, Amelie, Daisy, Thomas, Dan


Absent: Scott

  • Formal and Informal Logo
    • Existent: Shield, Dots and Inverted dots (Probably a mistake)
    • Primary: Shield
    • Small/Readable: Dots
    • Text is most important
    • Consistency is important
    • Changes:
      • Swap WASD logo to Shield - Tankski
      • Request increase max size by 20-30% on WASD
      • Change SU and Youtube to use consistent logo
    • Consider making a small/low-res version of Shield logo
  • Academic Events
    • Assumptions:
      • Deadlines will remain similar
      • Teaching will be different
      • Virtual events most likely needed
    • Term 1 Hackathon
      • Middle of second half of term?
      • Highly requested
      • C optimisations? - Good to get Fresher's knowing C
    • Term 1 talks
      • Git gud talk (week 1/2)
      • Optiver (week 4)
      • LSEG (aimed at week 6-ish)
      • 3D Printing (approx week 8)
      • (non-freshers Week) Extra Lightning talks (Somewhere in the middle)
        • Solving Problems in Data Science is possible
    • Other 'academic' events
      • Targeted Workshops
        • Group Orientated options
        • David (Sleepless) gave a Vue talk that went well though underattended, would be suitable for a workshop
        • Approach Michael Gale about doing a workshop as an "Introduction to Functional" in term 1
      • Be chill on Week 5/10 due to deadlines for CS
    • Advertising
      • Banner time
      • DCS emailing - Especially on academic
      • We have our video, could be reused
  • Plan for Term 1
    • Welcome Week
      • Lightning Tuesday
        • First 'formal' opportunity to introduce, 15 mins total to introduce everyone
      • Gaming Friday
        • Definitely not in-person unless the pandemic just disappears somehow
        • Online fun
          • Ask Alex about Amphi and if contributions be reasonable
        • Alter list of games (For all Friday)
        • Would like to try and have more concurrent games of variety
        • Trial an idea of making Friday's a little more like very short WAN
      • Helping Department
        • Talk with Sara about things like Linux 101
    • It would be nice to get on some screens (despite lower foot-traffic)
  • WASD
    • Planning for all eventualities, Online-only, Hybrid, In-person
    • We will be financing them
  • Tech Update
    • New website coming along well
    • Deployment requires major updates to servers.
      • This will be delayed to Term time for caution
      • Aiming for Ubuntu 20.04.1LTS as 16.04 is coming to End of Support
      • Requires notification to server users
  • AOB
    • The purge of the admin roles
      • Admin roles restricted to current exec
    • Women's Officer
      • Get in touch with department to start possible women's outreach


"Unless there's some CSS beyond my knowledge, which is quite frankly, impossible" - John

"Ha ha Cuts out" -Dan

"That sounds like an awful idea and I love it" - John

"If I want to be God Emperor of Mankind....that's what I was elected for" - Ryan

"Lisp is aggressive with its need for brackets" - Toby

"We have the budget" - Amelie