Meeting Notes 23-06-2020

Posted on 23rd June 2020

Present: Toby, John, Amelie, Dan, Ryan, Thomas, Scott, Daisy



  • BFW
    • Game options for indie games tournament
      • ███████
      • ███████
      • ███████
      • Google Form for additional suggestions
    • Have some sort of Rota to keep event alive
  • Summer Break
    • Hackathon
      • Some ideas around ripping off a coursework and changing it.
      • Ask department for permission/guidance
      • Worth doing
    • Prepare for Term 1
      • Virtual Open Day - Video
        • LANs
        • Events
        • Academics
        • WASD
        • General Gaming
        • We need a Script
          • Ryan can put together a script
        • Could hire someone to edit it together
  • Welcome Week
    • Need Remote or Socially Distanced events
      • Approach department as to whether Gaming is at all possible.
        • Can do what we are already if all is going well.
      • Pub probably can't work, but keep an eye out
  • AOB
    • Lightning Talks
      • Went well
      • Little issues technically
      • Three is a good number.
      • The Karaoke one was very fun but needed a little more explanation
      • Could do talks about Optional Modules
    • WASD
      • Start advertising for it
      • Start planning for next year
      • Could be virtual if necessary
      • Could ask the SU about whether possible to potentially book
    • Gaming
      • Are we happy with the categories?
        • Reasonably yes
        • May want to consider the TTT free alternative


"If you need me to write terrible C#, I'm in the business of writing terrible C#" - John