Meeting Notes 22/09/2020

Posted on 22nd September 2020, Categories: Meeting Minutes

Present: Toby, Amelie, Dan, John, Ryan, Thomas, Scott

Absent: Rolf

  • Welcome Week
    • Lightning Tuesday 7pm (109 signups as of now)
      • Discord limits of 50 people on a stream.
      • Teams is a good solution, cross-stream to Discord for spare
      • Exec should introduce quickly
      • Adam from ITS overhauling postal system
      • Michael talking about Functional
      • Amelie karaoke
    • Gaming Friday 6pm
      • Make an effort to splinter the exec into the splinters
    • Linux101/’Introduction to Computing’ with the DCS
      • Tue, Wed, Thur Mornings
      • 3(or 6) people needed per day
      • Slides need updating in prep
      • In person, all labs booked out, 45 min sessions
      • Make a doodle to see if we can get TA's to help.
  • Budget
    • Not strapped for cash, can be relaxed
    • Roomba
      • It's very cool, but it's a tripping hazard and not particularly effective :(
    • Cleaning supplies, supplementary masks
      • Should be cheap enough, and even if lockdown 2; depression boogaloo happens i doubt the SU would say no.
    • PS5/New Xbox
      • Possibly minor issues with discs, but probably fine
    • A new computer
      • We don’t need one now, but why not ask.
      • Need to check over current hardware first
  • #computer-science
    • People seem confused about which channel is for what
    • Is #computer-science for the subject, or the degree?
    • As a student society, it's more than fine for #general
    • #academia as an addition perhaps?
    • #undergraduate could be a good melting pot for asking other years about things
  • Talks
    • Git good - Tuesday(1pm)/Wednesday(3pm) Week 1 (Sam is onboard)
    • Maths Ada Lovelace Day - Wednesday Week 2
    • Optiver - 1pm Tuesday Week 4
    • LSEG - 3pm Wednesday Week 5
    • Provisional ideas for later in term
      • Another set of lightning
      • 3D printing (will ask Alex/David)
  • Hoffbot
    • Not needed or all that useful
    • Remove - Kill that and the other webhook
  • Something social to replace the pub?
    • Gather worth testing
    • Weekly coffee afternoons?
      • Just push the idea that sitting and chilling in the lobby is chill
    • Another quiz would be great
    • Additional attempts at films could be a good idea
  • Any Other Bees
    • WAN
      • Week 3? Weekend time - Come up with a nice name, send them to Ryan
      • Week 8 if a second
    • Gently take over Amphi, reimburse Alex for his server costs so far
    • Website will get updated soon, more than a week
    • Newsletter at beginning of Week 1

      "you will have to use your entire budget to buy enough drugs to get me to watch furry anime" - Sam