Meeting Notes 2020-04-28

Posted on 28th April 2020, Categories: Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Dan, Ryan, Thomas, Amelie

Late: Toby, John

Absent: Rob, Scott, Daisy

  • Quarantine Quiz
    • Use Twitch
    • Goose Prizes
      • Next year or postage
    • 5 Rounds
    • Sort now
  • Hackathon
    • Poke contestants to ensure they've signed up
    • Mention Mentor Role
    • Poke Dmitry again
    • Judges:
      • Dmitry/Department (asked, yet to hear)
      • Non-participating mentors
    • Function, Feel, Code quality as judging guidelines
  • Multiplayer games
    • Terraria
      • Make a server but reset just before update.
      • Early server just to prove it's setup
    • Minecraft
      • Modded server is a good idea
        • May result in reduced Vanilla activity
        • Decide modpack just after meeting
          • Settled on FTB Revelation
          • Putting it on Lovelace for now, may shift if it causes problems
    • Online-Because-Isolation WAN
      • OBI WAN
    • Amphi is great, use it
    • Random Indie Games tournament somehow?
      • Janky, polished games aren't jank
      • RTMP solution
    • Quizes and competitions
    • Push for dedicated servers
    • Things on each day.
    • Get exec in each day.
  • Bad films
    • Keep investigating
  • AOB
    • Academic Talks
      • Could stream them
      • Amelie came up with the idea of lightning talks🌩️
    • Twitter
      • Link to in newsletter
    • First Years
      • Talk with the department on what their plans are
      • It would be nice to figure out a systematic way to reach them
    • Gaming
      • Is the start time too early?
      • Push to 6:30-7


"I do not think we should be watching pornography" - Ryan

"Is that[hausu] the obscure Japanese porn?" - Ryan

" the solution 'contact the mystical Elder of the First Years' is not a systematic way to communicate" - Sam

"Lets speak to the mute community for what they have to say" - Ryan