Meeting Notes 2020-04-16

Posted on 16th April 2020, Categories: Meeting Minutes

Meeting Notes 16/04/2020

In Attendance: Toby, John, Dan, Ryan, Daisy, Thomas, Amelie

Late: Scott

Absent: Rob

(Toby is Minuting)

  • Dimitry's programming competition
    • General agreement as a good idea
    • Creativity makes cheating a non-issue
    • Dmitry seems quite fond of our idea so far
    • Theme of "Web-App with a community focus"
    • Grand Prize + 2 Runner-ups
      • Digital preferred, possibly vouchers of some kind, consult further with DCS
    • Commence Week 2 of term (27th), run for one week
    • Possible ex-exec/exec/department to judge
    • Could possibly run further events in the future
    • Page detailing competition and sign up
    • How supportive do we want to be, range from mentoring to asking questions.
      • Leaning towards question asking and being around
  • Socials
    • Could potentially run movie nights
      • Probable licensing issues
      • Anyone who can, figure it out properly
        • Netflix Party maybe?
    • Quizzes potentially
      • Pub quizzes from the comfort of our own homes
      • Can be vaguely on theme, just consider audience
      • Sometime mid-term?
      • Goose coupons as prizes
    • We run gaming on Tuesday and Friday
      • Jackbox is fun but sometimes end up only able to play Bracketeering
      • Announcements should be more timely
      • Jackbox and TTT are most popular
      • Ideas are around for servers, yet to do anything
      • Ask Rhiba about encouraging people to use her server potentially?
      • Revive the Steam group, Rhiba is the only reasonable contactable moderator
  • Sponsorship
    • Need to draft proposals, (Amelie and Ryan)
  • Website
    • Sort out exec photos for website
    • Update content
  • Newsletter content
    • Possibly back to weekly
  • Potentially talk with Discord on how to handle dynastic servers
  • Society websites we host
    • Can we get contact for the societies that we host websites for
    • Cleanup old ones that are dead
    • Setup a cutoff date for cleaning up old non-member sites potentially
      • Grace periods
      • Specifics can be figured out
    • Can retool apache to setup proper separate logging
    • Thomas can deal with
  • AOB
    • Society paid-for Discord boosts
      • Level 1 Boost
      • Could pay for this under marketing costs
      • Roughly $70 a year
      • Could be a headache money-wise
    • Potentially keep up Online Social things even when the pandemic has become less of an issue


"You can't see the air quotes, but I am doing them" - Ryan

"A goupon if you will" - John

"CHEW TO TALK" - jai_

" They're as good at detecting things as a sniffer dog with no face" - Sam

"Do not quote that one!" - Ryan