Meeting Notes 2020-03-12

Posted on 12th March 2020

Meeting Notes 12/03/2020

In Attendance: David, John, Amelie, Ryan, Jaeseok, Sam, Daisy, Dan, Thomas

Late: Scott

Absent: Rob

(ryan is minuting)


  • todo; memorandum of understanding, exec sheet, risk assessment
  • Election of a Welfare Officer
    • Separating this into welfare and equal ops
      • John re-elected as Welfare
      • Daisy elected as equal ops
  • Ryan and Scott to go to a meeting to ensure we can have Circles
  • Inventory to be updated
    • Audio mixer, headphones
    • Tablecloths
  • Ryan and Sam to sign memorandum of understanding
  • John to do risk assessment
  • Add constitution and health and safety to the website (Thomas)
  • All exec to do handover stuff
    • To be done over Easter
    • Official handover to happen next Monday
  • Daisy to talk to Anna Preston about pointers on Women's Officer role
    • Look into Code First: Girls? (Daisy & Amelie)
  • Discord roles
    • Add more in-depth server explanation to #welcome
    • Move most exec conversation to #exec, keep #exec-priv explicitly for private matters
    • Transfer ownership to a bot?
    • Admin role to be given to:
      • Thomas
      • Ryan
      • Ask Zed0 if he still needs it
  • Gaming password
    • Time to replace it!
    • Used for: compsoc account, steam account, youtube channels

Individual Exec Notes

  • President
    • No longer academic stuff, no longer booking room
    • Draft a sponsorship proposal with Amelie
    • Correspond with the department more closely!
    • Geek Zone?
  • Treasurer
    • List of sponsors
    • Business as usual
    • Get the Stripe account handed over
  • Academic Coordinator
    • Sam to send list of contacts
    • Liaise with Daniel in Game Design Soc about academic talks
  • Gaming Coordinator
    • Possibly need to sort out new room for gaming if renovations happen
    • Learn how gaming-get works
    • Consider cancelling Vive/gaming if Coronavirus outbreak continues
  • Tech Officer
    • Requesting a list of past errors, current methods
    • Toby to walk through systems
    • More documentation pls thanks
  • Secretary
    • CSS in email?
  • Women's Officer
    • Talk to Anna Preston
    • Talk to Marcin Jurdzinski too
  • Social Secretary
    • Push socials on SU pages, refresh SU pages!
    • Have a few events in welcome week!
      • An academic talk and a Social probably
    • Make sure people know our events aren't DCS events


"Brian Blessed is the welfare officer" - Sam

"Health and Safety doesn't exist!" - Thomas

"Monady"- Ryan's notes before revision

"There's No Fucking in Summer LAN" - Amelie

"Don't minute that" - Amelie