Meeting Notes 2020-02-26

Posted on 26th February 2020

Meeting Notes 26/02/2020

Present: Ryan, Toby, Dan, John, David, Sam

Late: Jaeseok

Absent: Rob, Scott


  • Dolci was great. Will go again in future.
  • IKEA funeral meal next term
  • End of Term Meal
    • Probably just gonna do Farmhouse :]
    • To do on friday before gaming


  • Hashcode went well
    • Need to ensure more exec are there in future, at least for setup
    • 40 attendees!
  • Optiver
    • This is next week (1pm wednesday in l4)
    • To send a single email highlighting it
    • Gonna do pizza for it
  • Sam gonna do a LaTeX talk in week 10


  • Next is BFL at the end of next term
    • 3D print Steve a goose maybe? hm


  • Another round of reminders
    • ping everyone on Discord
    • Push pizza
  • Sam giving a brief retrospective and advice for next team
  • Some absentee votes, results known by the weekend


  • Jaeseok is not here D:
    • He is now here
  • John has yet to find the sign DD:


" 'This is my baby and I can't wait to see who I give it to ' " - Toby

"John and Dan technically don't exist!" - Sam