Meeting Notes 2020-01-24

Posted on 24th January 2020


In attendance: Ryan, Sam, John, Toby, David, Dan


Absent: Rob, Scott


  • Big changes to the exec team expected
  • Neither Sam nor David B. are going to run :[
  • Also consider locking down LAN rooms due to low attendance at late hours?
  • Consideration of a Women's Officer role
    • No women ran this academic year, which is unusual
  • Consideration of making an academic admin/pres, separate from leader role
    • we need to rename the 'president' roles if that's the case
      • Organiser?
  • remove publicity, assigning its duties as needed
  • remove welfare as an elected role, make it an assigned role instead
  • Changing voting rules to Single-Transfer instead of FPTP
  • Push for socs fed fee exemption for academic societies
  • Ryan to write up constitutional changes
  • Encourage candidates to mention what other roles they're running for


  • Consider setting a specific endpoint for Gaming
    • ~1 am?
    • Gaming can rarely last til like 5am, but a majority leaves by 1am.
  • Perhaps start earlier (7pm)
  • CS0.03 is being refurbished, so we may need to relocate entirely to CS0.01
  • Next LAN;
    • Is Week 6
    • LANimal Crossing!
    • Consider a LAN bus?
      • A physical, moving bus, not a network thing
    • More tournaments!
      • Kinect games?
      • Wii games?
    • We should start advertising now
  • BFL - The Return of Friendliness
    • Consider a loose schedule for events


  • its happening
  • (specifically in the SU atrium)
  • David to collate what games are needed
  • Start establishing a rota now
  • ITS have ensured internet connection


  • Wednesday is generally the best time for the talks
  • Possibly introduce an auxiliary admin role for organising academic events?
  • CTF with Ne(t/tt)itude (29th of January, 2pm to 6pm)
    • Push department to advertise for us
    • Post in freshers discords etc.
    • Toby offered to help set up
  • Optiver Talk - Low-latency programming - Week 9 wednesday
    • Sam booked a room! Somewhere in the oculus
  • Sam covering LaTeX in week 6
  • Toby might do one :o


  • Consider less frequent emails, with smaller emails for particular events
  • Still the best way to reach all members
    • not to toot my horn :^)
  • Consider making a calendar of events


  • Resolve to post more in #exec rather than #exec-priv
  • Wellbeing Week with Maths, Stats and Phys Socs
    • Board games, treasure hunts, etc
    • Exact details to emerge next monday
    • Sam and John helping with this
    • bake takes for tuesday pls
  • Sam to cut a new key for the 3rd cupboard


"Rolf is so corporate now" - Sam

"Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb" - Toby