Meeting Notes 2020-01-06

Posted on 6th January 2020

Meeting Notes 06/01/2020

In Attendance: Ryan, John, David, Toby, Sam, Jaeseok, Dan, David B.

Late: Scott

Absent: Rob

  • has been fixed.
  • very good.
  • :)


  • Sam suggests around week 3, a public exec meeting to discuss the constitution and other general changes.
    • Will advertise after this meeting.
    • Book a room for it.
  • Elections to be held roughly week 8.
  • Need to poke the first years about running for roles.


  • Pub currently clashes with Functional Programming.
    • Pushing back tomorrow's pub to 7pm to compensate.
    • Need to consider changing the date possibly.
  • Welfare Week (in collaboration with a bunch of STEM groups).
    • Sam and John meeting with other collaborators this Friday.
    • Should be Week 5.
    • Awareness workshops for topics like "Report and Support"
  • Ice Cream Social
    • Coventry - Dolci
    • Possibly Week 6
  • One Circle running this term
    • Looking for somewhere that isn't the Copper Rooms or Terrace


  • Week 2 Event
    • No responses from external
    • Sam may do one on LaTeX
      • Wednesday 15th
      • Provisional, Sam to confirm Thursday
  • CTF - 29th of January (week 4)
    • In collaboration with Netitude
    • 4-5 hours
    • Free pizza!
    • Sam to book a room when Jack gets back.
  • Google Hashcode.
    • Running a qualification round centre.
    • Make sure merch doesn't get stolen this time :S.
  • Week 6 Event
    • Probably by Dan Ilet
    • Free pizza!
  • Week 9 Event
    • Optiver
    • March 4th
    • Need to book a room
    • On High-performance computing and optimisation
    • Free pizza!

Final LANtasy & BFL

  • Shitty Fighting Games Tournament
    • Double elim format?
    • DongDong Never Die
    • Animal Fight?
  • David to order 5 long ethernet cables
  • LIB 1 won't be available for BFL oh no.
    • Sam looking at the old sports centre.
    • May have to downsize for LIB 2.
      • Consider an overhaul for long-term seat booking (e.g. can book seats for a couple days, leaving them free afterwards)


  • Headsets arriving todayish.
  • Mixer arriving tomorrow.
  • Test setup this Friday, during Gaming.
  • Need to acquire an older model of PS3 for one of the runners.
    • Toby can provide one.
    • Runner has offered to bring an old elgato model to capture gameplay.
    • Maybe use a HDMI splitter to circumvent the issue.
  • NSC to support our event, including Monster sponsorship.
    • David asking to be put into contact with Belong about providing tech for practice stations.
  • Sam talking to SpecialEffect for decoration, ect.
  • Twitch front page mostly confirmed, pending organisers booking a time.
  • Sam & David talking to Noble Chairs and Overclockers about sponsorship.
  • Sam & David to meet with SU tech team about setting up streaming gear in the Atrium.
    • Fee of ~£60.
    • Stage plan to be decided.
    • Speak to IT about confirming Ethernet ports.
  • Near-clash with Superbowl showing. Shouldn't be an issue, but make sure we don't overrun too much.
  • Lanyards/badges for staff/runners.
    • Could get them from Warwick Print.
  • Jai providing stream overlay, tiltify integration.
  • Talk to the SU about younger visitors - any further consideration to be made?

Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie The Social The Notes

  • Happening during second LAN.
  • David B., John offered to not go to run LAN.
  • Facebook event page pls


  • Toby has keys to the storage cupboard.
  • It is less than one year until Christmas.
  • Typing contest?
    • Maybe next year as a freshers event?
    • Not much interest in it this late into the academic year.
  • #hackathon for Discord.
    • For finding teams for whatever hackathon is on at the time.
  • Must acquire FROG TAPE (for vr setup)
  • Filament for the /filament god/ 3d printer, David R. ordering


"So Jaeseok is the new gaming president..." - Sam


- good doodler, John

"I just remembered I own a brother" - Toby

"mediae" - google