Meeting Notes 2019-11-26

Posted on 26th November 2019

In Attendance: David R, Dan, Scott, John, Sam, Toby

Late: Ryan

Absent: Rob, Jaeseok

LAN Post-mortem

    • Decent Turnout
  • Bad kart racing was great
    • Shoutout to Callum for discovering Tank Racer
    • Long live Garfield Kart
    • Definitely run similar events again
      • Bad Fighting Games
      • Bad Sport Games
      • Wii Sports tournament????
      • Just Dance tournament (FEAT. STAR WARS KINECT)
        • A kinect is £3.50. this'll work
    • No need for extensive signup systems, just yell at organiser at the start
  • Next LAN is week 2 term 2
    • Final LANtasy
      • We're gonna make an ff14 FC and get Alexander Ultimate EU First RISEWITHMERISEWITHMERISEWITHMERISEUP!

Use of Budget

  • Keep some back for WASD booking
  • Buying games for future use, e.g. star wars
  • Ethernet
    • need to buy more long ones


  • Sam asking university if we can use the SU atrium for WASD
  • 10 days until runner signups close
    • Dan to poke the usual channels/write advert text


  • End of Term Meal
    • Good numbers
  • CompSoc Christmas Quiz
    • Rounds are being made, some of them have even made progress.
    • Should be mostly done today-tomorrowish


  • Sam talking hackathons with Nettitude
  • On wednesday 1pm-5pmish some time week 2 or 3ish
  • Big ups to the DCS twitter for retweeting Alex's printer talk... several days after the event
  • Optiver talk to be 4th of March
  • Poke #world-of-work about talks maybe


  • Someone's running an event at 8am either this or next week Saturday.
    • Shouldn't effect us


  • Socsmark
    • Not too useful, may not bother
  • Ryan was late
    • this is very important
  • Stickers!
    • Ordering more of them
    • They're gonna be holographic