Meeting Notes 2019-10-18

Posted on 18th October 2019, Categories: Meeting Minutes

Meeting Notes 2019-10-18

In Attendance: Ryan, Dan, David B., Toby, John, Sam

Late: Jaeseok, Scott

Absent: Rob

Academic Events

  • David B. to give a talk on building a web app in JS
    • CS1.04, 1-2pm Wednesday
  • 2 more talks planned
    • LSEG 1:30-3:30pm, room pending talk synopsis
    • Alex Dixon on 3d printing
  • Week 10 talk?
    • Michael Gale might do one
    • Possibly something unusual like a quiz
      • 3 or 4 rounds, each by an exec
  • G-research doing a coding challenge
    • Monday 28th October, cs001
    • should start advertising that today
  • Sam talking to Netitude about running a CTF
  • 2 more sorted for next term
    • Daniel Illet
    • Optiver
  • Turnout was very good for Git Gud.
    • Remember to use microphone next time
    • Lecture capture?
    • Keep in mind lecture times for first years


  • The Index is here!
  • What do we do with the Vive?
    • Auction for space and funds?
      • Liaise with the SU
      • maybe purchase a squeaky gavel
  • Gaming tonight
    • Sam won't be there
    • Tomorrow's an open day, so keep in mind when deciding teardown time

LAN post mortem

  • Some people didn't turn up (mostly the auto-allocated)
  • good attendance overall tho
  • Let people know LAN tournaments should have all sign-ups physically at LAN?
  • We've got 4 more LANs before BFL this year
    • woah
  • Maybe dumpster lib1?
    • Would have Lib2 at full capacity (80~90)
    • Perhaps pull in Lib1 if capacity reached early in sign-ups
    • This may require a refactoring of
  • Should ask for contact details, prevent abandoned PC situation from happening again
    • Had to drag a couple setups to security hub on the trolley
    • Just a phone number would do
  • Maybe have a checklist for attendees (run by exec) for data
    • Occasionally have a head-count of current attendees
  • Stick to paper for seat indications
    • Maybe also have somewhere to write your contact in case you leave
    • Also include exec emergency contacts, rules
    • Shred afterwards to prevent GDPR breach
  • SUPER TUX KART?????????
  • Jackbox event pls
  • Music Server stuff
    • Maybe for the first few hours?
    • Transition to music server for rest of LAN


  • Christmas LAN is over. Long live Christmas LAN!
  • 1st November - Luigi's LANsion
  • Name LANs after recent game releases
  • Put LANs on


  • David R. designing WASD stickers
  • Lib1 and Lib2 aren't free
  • Try for Oculus?
    • May have to negotiate with security about keeping stuff there overnight?
  • Arts Centre has studios! Maybe one of those?
    • Pretty big though
    • Good rooms though
    • David R. to liaise?


  • Freshers want a T-Bar event
  • Smash Bros. on the Piazza
    • Try for Week 6
    • Maybe just before Gaming?
    • Contact Nintendo Society
  • Sam's team won the postgrad quiz whatever that is
  • No changes for any socials dates
  • End of Term Meal
    • Farmhouse?
    • Maybe do a Discord poll of the following;
      • Farmhouse - indian/british fusion
      • Wing Wah - chinese
      • Nandos - its fucking nandos
      • The White Horse in Leamington - pub with lots of drinks


  • the bloody awful stupid god-damn cupboard situation
    • Toby has formally declared war, they have until the end of October to remove their gear
    • Check up with Rodger
  • John
    • Figure out how to destroy the former disgraced hoover
  • Archery
    • Want to borrow some of our gear, weekend week 6
      • duct tape, extension cords


"Does anyone have any questions, comments or threats?" - Sam