Meeting Notes 2019-09-23

Posted on 23rd September 2019

Meeting Notes Welcome Week 23/09/2019

In Attendance: Ryan, Jaesok, John, Sam, David II, Scott

Late: David I

Absent: Rob, Toby, Dan

everyone had an at least okay summer

Welcome Week

  • Freshers Labs
    • Clash with Societies Fair
    • Linux 101 talk and lab - both days
      • talks form 9:45am to 10:45am
      • Linux 101 covered by Sam and Toby
      • Labs are 11:45am to 1pm
    • 8:30am start for stalls
  • Freshers Fair
    • Setup at 9am
    • No indication for stall location until setup
    • Need transport due to new venue - probably Toby's car
    • 9-11: John, Jaesok
    • 11-1: [TBD]
    • 1-3 : Ryan, [TBD]
    • 3-5 : [TBD]


  • STEM Social
    • Participating
    • We get access to board games
  • Monday Pub is dead, long live Tuesday Pub
    • Running pub Tuesday Welcome Week
    • Remember to gather freshers at DCS
  • Gaming returns at the usual hours
    • Gaming-get still in development
      • Toby and David assisting with development
      • probably wont be ready for this Friday
  • Laser tag with anime society is happening week 6
  • Pub Quiz on October 28th with G Research
  • Circling is happening probably week 4, week 7
  • End of Term Meal currently at Farmhouse

Freshers LAN

  • Week 2, in collaboration with esports
  • No sponsors this time, fully BYOC
  • Putting aside floor space for esports
  • Max capacity ~130
  • To come: Halloween (Christmas?) LAN and Christmas (Halloween?) LAN
  • Handing out Discord merch
  • Community area by the door Lib2
  • Ping @First Year this afternoon when floor plan finalised

WASD 2020

  • WASD advertising has begun
  • External signups at ~6 at the moment
  • Spare WASD stickers - hand out early?
  • Contacting Twitch for front page
  • Wall Decal?
  • Possibility of being added to NSC calendar for advertising
  • Purchase new stickers
    • change colour scheme to current site style
  • David I in charge of gear purchase


  • lol SU budget
  • Good budget from sponsors this year
  • VIVE gear
    • One lighthouse is still unresponsive
      • New old style lighthouse or purchase Vive Index or Vive Pro?
  • Switch Controller Charge stations


  • Sam to see about removal of WarwickTECH gear from storage space
  • Organise advert blob for newsletter
  • Wednesday for talks possibly, but colliding with Open Day (Sam to organise)
  • Mini Hack with Microsoft on 18th November
  • LSEG Tech labs event (possibly on a Wednesday, more details when they're available)
  • SU Forum covered
  • SU Wants an Inventory
    • To Do on Sunday
  • Look into Vive COSMOS?
  • LANs this term are in Week 5 and Week 8


"Might I interject? What you refer to as Linux is actually..." - John

"Can we rename Toby to 'Parts'?" - David I