Meeting Notes 2019-06-19

Posted on 19th June 2019

Meeting Notes Term 3 Week 9 19/06/2019

In Attendance: Ryan, Toby, Sam, Dan, David II, John
Late: David
Absent: Rob, Scott, Jaesok

Welcome Week

  • Department splitting events to cut down on number of people in building
  • Drop-in support sessions on wednesday, thursday for novice linux users
  • Lunch in the science concourse (the whole thing) (yes, really)
  • Hashcode event early in term?
  • Programming workshops
  •     Historically served as support for CS118
  •     Lean towards programming fundementals
  •     Move to *before* gaming
  •     Provide pizza for one session?
  • Talk about Git (git gud)

Summer LAN

  • Beanbags being ordered today
  •     Being stored at Sam's house
  • Prizes being ordered
  • Smash Bros.
  •     Buying new DLC characters
  •     Buying controller chargers
  •     Buying wireless dongle for switch
  •     No prizes for LAN tournament
  • Monster drinks provided
  • Food has arrived
  • Laptops being delivered later this Week
  •     RoG banners wont arrive in time


  • No constitution changes until next General Meeting
  • Laserquest ended in SUPREME VICTORY FOR UWCS
  • End of Term Meal this Friday
  • Gaming will probably end early due to open evening next saturday
  • Banners have arrived
  • Buying before the 25th


"We need to kidnap some women for diversity"- Ryan