Meeting Notes 2019-06-07

Posted on 7th June 2019

Meeting Notes Term 3 Week 7 07/06/2019

In Attendance : Ryan, David II, John, David, Toby, Sam, Dan, Scott
Absent: Rob, Jaesok


  • Finalize Rota, assistants get free access
  • Sam running Fireside Gathering Saturday
  • Reqs; ethernet cables, both PCs
  • No gaming next week

Summer LAN

  • Consider waterproof covering for LAN equipment
  • Bean Bags being purchased for social area (6-8)
  • Ryan to add tournaments on
  • Toby buying water containers, sweets
  •     Water containers should be collapsible, portable
  • Tabletop society agreed to provide board games

Next Year Budget

  • Sam confirmed 4 sponsors; 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze
  • Purchase WASD gear
  • Purchase switch controllers and charging station (Pro controller)
  • Research Valve Index equipment (may require upgraded graphics card?)
  • Additional wireless battery
  • AMD releasing new cards soon, consider waiting to upgrade when prices drop
  • Consider selling off oculus rift dev kit, vive if we upgrade (auction?)

Next Year Academic Events

  • Hackathon?
  • Inquiring with sponsors for related events

Constitution Changes

  • Formal definition of publicity role
  • Abolish FPTP
  • Alter quorum


  • End of Year meal, laserquest and circle in the works


  • Banners being ordered
  • Alex to assist Toby with gaming-get implementation
  • 3d Printer currently being repaired, upgraded


"Amelie is actually from One Piece"- David, confirmed Weeb
"Can we outfit the society as a militia"- Toby

"Give it to me oh yeah oh yeah,Give to me oh yeah, give it to me, oh yeah give it to me, oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah, oh yeah." - Sam