Meeting Notes 2019-05-28

Posted on 31st May 2019

Meeting Notes Term 3 Week 6 28/05/2019

In Attendance: Ryan, Sam, Amelie, David I, Jaesok, John, David II, Dan, Scott
Late: Toby, Rolf the Campus Cat
Absent: Rob


  • Sam talking with E-Sports representatives
  • ~£20 prize pools per tourney
  • Added to the LAN rota

Summer LAN

  • Purchase Water Jars
  • Purchase sweets
  • Big Screen time being arranged
  • Tournament schedule advert being made
  • Discord Merch as prizes


  • possibly up for grabs, Sam monitoring
  • David developing further for general use by other societies, Toby has offered assistance
  • Changes to constitution due by week after next
  • Scott possibly running Circle at Kelsey's Week 7
  •     Getting an estimate for numbers
  • PC peripherals to arrive next week
  •     2 headsets, audio mixer
  • Discord reorganisation
  •     Self-assigned roles via Dyno
  •     Gathering feedback before any changes are made

End of Term Meal

  • Going to Farmhouse
  • Week 9 Friday

"ROLF! Put him down!" - David I