Meeting Notes 2019-05-21

Posted on 21st May 2019

Meeting Notes Term 3 Week 5 21/05/2019

In Attendance: Ryan, Sam, Amelie, David I, Jaesok, John, David II, Dan, Scott
Late: Toby,
Absent: Rob


  • Tuesday Week 9 - Laser tag with Tabletop
  • Friday Week 9 - end of term meal at Farmhouse
  • Provisional - Sonic The Hedgehog midnight premiere.
  • 2-4pm Saturday in Curiositea - Hearthstone Fireside Gathering

SU Paperwork

  • Toby - SU Online Training
  • Constitution amendments to be made during BFL
  •     Quorum
  •     First-past-the-post
  •     Formal definition of new roles
  • Table booked for Societies Fair
  • Asked for some kind of banner (1100x400px)


  • Will not be running Friday Gaming during
  • Monster sponsorship
  •     possible left-over drinks for BFL

Summer LAN

  • Posters on the way
  • Banner stands also ready
  • Tournaments E-Sports has offered to help run:
  •     Rocket League
  •     CS:GO
  •     League of Legends
  •     Tekken?
  •     Smash Bros. Ultimate?
  • Exec Rota to be decided, including splitting across lib1 and lib2
  • Refreshments, snacks to be provided

Tournament Dates (2-6pm, 6pm-late)
    Monday    - Smash, Overwatch
    Tuesday   - CS:GO, Jackbox
    Wednesday - Indie Games, League of Legends
    Thursday  - Hearthstone, Rocket League
    Friday    - Super Tux Kart
    No Prizes for Jack, Tux Kart


"It is minuted, so it shall be." - David II

"I'm colourblind to purple, and anime girls." - David I