Meeting Notes 2019-05-09

Posted on 12th May 2019

Meeting notes Term 3 Week 3 09/05/2019

In Attendace: Ryan, Sam, Toby, David I, David II, Dan, John, Amelie (briefly), Jaesok, Scott. With Special Guest, Jack (e-sports exec).

Late: Nobody

Absent: Rob

E-Fest -

  • New E-Sports event, more social than usual events
  • Wednesday 12th til Monday 17th
  • 100 hour live stream running concurrently with event
  • House of Gamers providing PCs (including for streaming)
  • Running tournaments, advertised externally
  • Pub Quiz, bingo possibly
  • May need to borrow UWCS equipment, such as consoles and networking gear
  • We've offered to help with setup

Summer LAN

  • Hopefully we can run smaller tournaments
  •     Shrek Super Slam is on the table
  •     Random Indie Games
  •     Fireside Gathering (Hearthstone)
  • Also run some more social games
  •     Jackbox
  •     board games in asociation with TAGAROPLE
  • Jack offered assistance from e-sports exec
  •     Also offered to advertise on e-sports channels
  •     Possible collaberation with vice-president for advertising, details forthcoming
  • Need to find water jars, have gone missing
  • Also provide some snacks

Fireside Gathering -

  • Probably happening on the end of week 5, in Curiositea
  • Trial run for a larger one at E-Fest
  • Even larger one at Summer LAN


Sam to talk to Jane about collaberation with DCS for academic talks and hackathons
Also talking with sponsors for next year


"Rob is a gift to us all, but he's not present." - Toby
"Something outrageous." - Also Toby