Meeting Notes 09-07-2020

Posted on 9th July 2020, Categories: Meeting Minutes

Present: Toby, John, Amelie, Dan,Thomas, Ryan, Daisy, Scott



  • BFW Autopsy
    • General
      • Exceeded expectations
      • Solid attendance throughout
      • Multiple lobbies was useful, 2+ needed
    • Gaming
      • Good start to the event, helped that it was "normal"
    • Music Server
      • Generally liked - Worked well for WAN
      • Bucketing disagreements
      • People don't like Toby's music (they are wrong - Toby)
      • Keep music server flexible
    • Quiz
      • Fun, Ryan had fun
      • Rules communication helps
      • Could run a quiz during holidays, unlikely
      • Dead air vs Distracting background music debate unsolvable trivially
    • Movie Night
      • Films were played
      • People watched them
    • Indie Games Tournament
      • "Smoothly enough" - John
      • Transition to online was slightly difficult and unideal
      • Hotseating was a little weird
    • Board Games
      • Questionably happened
      • Geoguessr took over a little
      • Tabletop taught us that boardgames are hard to transfer
    • Racing Tournament
      • Went fairly well as far as events
      • Linux caused a minor hiccup in the middle
      • Download size matters though wasn't a huge issue
    • Social Games
      • Sort of-ish happened
      • TTT happened in the end
      • Didn't last long, everyone was reasonably tired
  • Lib 2 and Discord integration?
    • Text feed could work quite well
      • IRC/Webhooks
  • Freshers page
    • Nice for flyers etc.
    • Landing page with freshers in mind
      • SU page link
      • Discord server link
    • Dan nobly volunteered
  • Future events VC lobby
    • Could have a voice lobby higher up. Either permanently or during events
  • Discord rearranging needs temp Welcome message
    • Yes
  • Friday Night Gaming
    • Additional games?
      • Gaming-get yes
      • Console maybe, no idea
    • Consoles?
      • Revisit later
  • Holidays
    • Hackathon (hopefully)
    • Keep running Tuesday/Friday until not fun
  • Money
    • Amelie keep doing stuff
  • Next Year
    • Do the best we can
    • Run a poll for feedback
    • Talks/Workshops
      • Talks are nice, Workshops could run like labs
      • Schedules are good for First years, but can be hard to stick to.
      • Targeted workshops better than general.
  • AOB
    • Gaming:
      • Could be nice to have people stream things they're playing
      • Positive to atmosphere ^
    • Exec meetings
      • Online meetings get more input from non-exec
      • Easier to schedule as well
      • Can be more of a pain if already on campus
      • Booking rooms is more beneficial for not annoying others
      • Conference mic could be possible, could buy or use existing mic


"We're going to be the new disease vector now that POP isn't happening" - Ryan

"Every second you're not running, I'm only getting closer" - Sonic

"Not that I'd complain <Server Muted>" - David