Meeting Notes 06/10/2020

Posted on 6th October 2020

Present: Amelie, Ryan, Dan, Thomas, Toby, Daisy, Scott,


Absent: John

  • Gaming Post Mortem
    • Among Us lasted most of the night and had good numbers
    • Mysterium had good numbers and good games
    • Exec hosting TTT in preparation would be good
    • Amphi
      • When all online it is one of the few differentiators between Friday Night and WAN
      • Not worth worsening an event for the sake of WANs
    • Just let Tuesdays exist but not push them
    • Next Friday should just be run like we would
  • WAN
    • Call it "LAN"? Less people know what WAN is, and LAN is slipping out of parlance
    • Just call it a LAN replacement event
    • Week 3 - Clash with Tabletop
      • Move to Week 4 - Penned
    • Possible Tournaments/Events
      • GeoGuessr
      • SuperTuxKart - Online Racing Games
      • Some free games
  • (MathSoc) Ada Lovelace Talks
    • Waiting on MathSoc for advertising links
  • Upcoming Events
    • Git Good tomorrow
    • Optiver Week 4
    • LSEG Week 5 - 4th Nov
  • Meetings on Teams
    • If we were to again: Live Event in some way
    • #exec is more than good enough
    • Pros
      • Anarchy \s
      • Calendar Integration and Notification
    • Cons
      • No Volume Control
      • Can't be accessed by Non-Students
  • AOB
    • Oxford Hack
      • 14th November, a while away
    • TableTop/Game Design/Us Collab thing, any progress?
      • Would be nice to have the talk, see if we can get more sorted
    • Welcome Week timetable thing
      • Lightning Talk had 46 Positive ratings, 0 negative
      • Do more lightning talks
      • More department speakers may also be fun