Term 3 Week 2 Meeting Minutes

Posted on 6th May 2022


  • Week 3 Socials
    • BBQ
    • Wildcards BBQ
  • Gale Talk
  • TPP/Sponsor Pack
  • Merch
    • Postpone?
  • Tech Team Launch
  • Revision Sessions
  • Welcome Week
  • Someone annoy the SU about handover ?
  • WASD Reminder
  • AOB


  • Skiros, Kunal, Matt, Alia, Preya, Keegan, Owen, Andreea, Joey
  • (Very) Late: Felix, Brendan


  • Meant to end Sunday
  • Extend deadline another week
  • Selling quite a lot
  • Programming Socks sold the most, then Stickers and Cards
    • Keegan asserts his correctness about programming socks
  • Advertise cheapness more (usually £25 for hoodies)
  • Particle t-shirts not sold many (they are expensive (but good, I have one))
  • Focus advertising
  • Will be buying more as prizes and giveaways (t-shirts esp)
    • And limited white t-shirts


  • Gale talked delayed, no ETA so far
  • Lightning Talks need to contact more 3rd years (have some atm)


  • Form out, need to buy stuff
  • And wildcards ones - (Wildcards 22 people, standard ~15)
  • Need to buy food (£2-3pp maybe)
  • Could follow with pub/circle
    • But probably not, delay circle


  • Nothing back from TPP so far
    • @Joey will continue to annoy them
  • Remaking sponsor pack (hasn’t been updated in a couple of years)
    • Maybe have a gaming sponsor pack??
    • Esports has many of the gaming ones already
      • ROG specifically is missing
  • Oaks sponsorship replied
    • Meeting with them soonish - trying to get more than just space from them

Revision Sessions

  • CS262 on Saturday MB0.08 - will be announced today
  • CS126 DIS
    • Absolutely a mess, definitely needs a session.
    • Exam 10th June
    • Revision Session 8th (FP Exam on 7th)
  • Maths for CS 2
    • Exam 31st May
    • session 21/23?
  • Maybe AI (exam 1st) or Formal (exam 16th) for 2nd yrs
  • ES191 Electrical Circuits
    • Exam 26th
    • Session 23rd

SU Handover

  • Has been in some communication about?
    • Has been looked over by SU
  • Actually might not happen for a while
    • SU person who is supposed to do it doesn’t know how 🤣

Welcome Week

  • Need to do in 2 weeks
  • Update video
  • Join maths and co. BBQ
  • Git Good and Linux 101 scheduled by dept already
    • Confirming when with dept
  • Need to schedule:
    • FNG
    • Wildcards event thing
    • Pub after Git Good (Wed, Phoach?)
      • Don’t want to do late
  • Freshers LAN week 2 with Esports
  • Ask dept for UWCS propaganda in welcome packs - @Keegan Rimmington
  • Also do a circle w1


  • Submission deadline is 2 weeks away
  • Need to send reminder ASAP
  • Contacted by UKSG comp for cross-promo

Tech Team

  • Almost entirely a thing Felix rn, wait until is around :kekw:
  • Tech team launch means having a tech team meeting
  • Meeting 0 is deciding what tech team is
    • No real plan so far
  • Also advertises services (and get people to fix it)
  • Website hosting fixed soonTM
    • Various problems
    • We then absolutely need a new server to fix this, yes
  • Password manager needs fixing - shared Bitwarden account? or some OSS self-hosted
  • New servers, new servers, new servers

WAI Collab

  • Intro to Python course
    • Merge all the Python courses
    • AI, Codesoc, Data science
  • Also coding nights


  • Stuff to buy
  • Not much attendance last week
  • Friday’s in general are busy
  • Maybe move to another day
    • DCS might make weekdays more of a pain
    • Might just be because it used to run properly late
    • If weekday Tuesday/Thursday, Thursday preferred


  • Another round for merch delay (esp prices)
    • Prioritize ones that have sold the most
  • New posters (probably not redesigned much)
  • New leaflets (work started)
    • Get timetable for WW and some term 1 printed
  • Post for BBQ, CS262, Merch - @brendan

To Buy

  • Camera
  • Monitors for LANs and gaming
  • Boxes for organization - esp rockband
  • New PSU for Big-O - fan has been rattling for a while
  • Few other bits for gaming

Game Design Collab

  • Scratch game jam with Game Design went well
  • VR Talk with Game Design in W4


This Term

  • Another circle, and sober social this term
    • A quiz (Duck or own)
    • End of Exams BBQ
  • Go-Karting - expensive af tho - subsidize maybe
  • Something else Wildcards, see after BBQ
    • Cyber wanted to do a wildcards collab — but haven’t heard anything in a while
  • Airsoft June 11


  • Coventry CS soc collab?
    • Actually maybe they don’t exist
    • Or Birmingham? (fancy website)
  • Coventry BCS maybe
  • Cyber collab?
  • Filmsoc collab maybe term 1 - was talking with, but schedule full now and ££ for film