Minutes 2019-02-08

Posted on 8th February 2019

- Present :: Sam, Dan, Amelie, Toby, David I, David II, 

- Absent :: Rob, Ryan


- WASD happened! It went reasonably well, we raised £1160 for charity, and SpecialEffect have us their thanks.

- The SU doesn't seem to care. It's RAG week this week, and they don't seem to have provided any instruction on how to report fundraising.

  - This doesn't ultimately matter, but it would be nice to receive some sort of official support, help, and guidance for this event or for the future.

- What went well?

  - Stream/Visuals were praised.

  - Sense of community was enjoyed by external runners, they commented that they felt welcomed and that was wonderful to hear.

  - The welcome pack was useful for externals.

- What can we do better?

  - Donation link on the video.

  - Better runner/couch audio - maybe use dedicated headsets?

  - More info for people to come to the event (we forgot to put where LIB2 was). Might be somewhere else next year anyway, but point still stands.

  - Use a donation tracker.

  - Have the runners sit in front of something. Green screen, maybe?

  - Room cam?

  - Something to do in the room other than the stream (consoles were there but no one used them).


- Need to revise seating plan to reserve space for console zone.

- We are bringing consoles/Vive again.

- I'd like it on record that I'm very disappointed with one of David's puns. It's not worth repeating here.

- We've got duct tape and stuff, so we don't need more for now.

- The wireless headset roughly holds about 8 hours of charge. Just worth bearing in mind.


- We're considering making it 7 WHOLE DAYS LONG.

  - David II may die if he tries to pro this.

- From the previous Saturday, until Week 10 Friday. We can only get LIB2 on those two extra days.

- Obviously there is an increased logistical complication, but that's fine.

  - Especially not too bad as the old exec tend to share some of the responsibilities here.

- We really need to talk about how we implement this in software (for warwick.gg).

  - Several solutions were considered, not worth copying here. Discussion for a future time, really.

- We need to deal with the small problems of seat-wasters.

- We're going to run it as a joint event with eSports again.


- Sam has announced this, it's Friday Week 7.

- Sam will send out a new email with role descriptions soon.

- We're not changing our name. That plan was silly.

- We *do* need to refocus on how we publicise, which is the frustration that the name change idea was borne out of.

- Do we want to appoint academic officers?

  - It is worth noting that we can have at most 2 academic and gaming officers combined, as per SU rules.

  - Might be worth combining gaming and academic officer? Event Assistant?

- We do have a constitution. It does not allow us to form a well-trained militia. It's located on David I's laptop, and in the SU.

- David I and Sam are going to prepare materials for the AGM.


- We're not changing our name, so we can get new banners. Fancy banners. Ooooh.

- We have two different audiences that we advertise to. The university as a whole, who will only probably care about Gaming (in the main). Academic events should be pretty much exclusively advertised within DCS.

- Really need to push on many fronts here - Student cinema, piazza, leaflets/flyers.

- Warwick Print seem fast. Like, super fast. We got our flyers in under 12 hours, under 2 working hours. Kind of incredible. Need to avoid rush times but should be fine if we bear this in mind.

- Redesign the flyer?

- Need to put together student cinema advertising.

- Need to work on our image. Best done at the start of the year.


- Clothing order. Yes. Open soon. Have it close after the AGM. Order for over Easter.

- David II is making a WASD highlights video.

- Plans for The Room are being there for 9:30pm, telling people to meet us at 9:45pm.


Sam (to Dan) - "You should never, ever, wear a baseball cap again."

Amelie - "We can afford about £2200 worth of pizza."

Sam - "I need a fancy word for a space ... zone! How about zone?"

David II - "I spoke to Rob about [the SSL certificate]. He said 'Oh yeah that's a thing' and then never spoke about it again."

Amelie - "We're a bunch of guys sitting in a room playing video games. But not in a good way."

Dan - "I'm not a skateboard."

Amelie - "I poked around with some freshers."

Amelie - "Ah! My boob!"


Everyone - Do the LAN rota.

Dan - Post about LAN again.

Everyone - Send your role descriptions to Sam.

Sam - Send AGM follow-up email.

Sam - Do Deutsche Bank ROI report.

Sam - Check free society status with the SU.

David I, Sam - Prepare document of AGM points of order.

Sam - Contact that guy who hasn't picked up his shirt yet.

Sam - Look into SU requirement requiring inventory.

Amelie - Book end of term meal.