Exec Minutes - 12th March 2009

Posted on 12th March 2009

h3. Present

Tim Monks (monk)
Matthew Alves (Mogmiester)
Nathan Wong (Estel)
Chris Sinjakli (Sinjo)
Connor Dunn (Connorhd)
Tomas Pilar (Azurit)
Rebecca Chui (Trip)
Michael Tandy (alskdj)
Richard Warburton (mulletron)
Anees Ahee (dangerman)
Benedict Falconer (Zed0)
Nick Ridgeway (Agaeki)
Sadiq Jaffer (sadiq)
Wissen Lau (SinFa)
William Harris (Dirtus)
Vincent Poon (bakaidiot_)
Jess Smith (Jessica)

h3. Apologies

Claire Thomas (pepper)

h2. Jobs mailing list

Not enough people are signed up to the jobs mailing list. Mogmiester
should advertise it in the newsletter
*Action*: Mogmiester to advertise it

h2. Holiday newsletter

There are many points that need to be advertised that would be
forgotten if a holiday newsletter is not sent out
*Action*: Mogmiester to send out a holiday newsletter

h2. Academic sponsorship

Connorhd received sponsor info from sadiq and mulletron.
*Action*: Connorhd to look into sponsorships over Easter

h2. Amazon associates account

The amazon associates account is currently broken. Connorhd offered to
look into it

h2. Tech team meeting

*Action*: Sinjo needs to look into the points raised at last weeks tech
meeting to see if they were fixed

h2. Projector

The projector is still missing. Monk should buy it off Anime and look
around DCS for it, and inquire at the front desk if it has been given
in or put away somewhere

h2. Budget

*Action*: Monk needs to finish the budget and email it to exec for it to
be ratified

h2. Holiday pub

Sadiq suggested that we do a loliday pub, and has offered to look into
it and advertise it

h2. Interuniversity gaming

A good idea would be to have interuniversity gaming. Estel should
email as many compsocs as possible to gauge interest, mentioning
Trackmania, DotA and L4D.

*Action*: Mogmiester also needs to ask in the newsletter what games
people would like to have hosted on a gaming server

And then there were doughnuts.