CompSoc Minutes - 2004/05/28

Posted on 28th May 2004

h3. CompSoc Minutes - 2004/05/28

h4. Present

* Richard Wilson
* Paul Broadbridge
* Peter Ellis
* Chris Boyle
* Chris Endicott
* David Buckley
* Christian Bates
* Timothy Troy
* Andrew Sully

h4. Progamming competition

Peter Ellis, Richard Wilson and Andrew Sully to sort the details

h4. Exams

There was a suggerston to suspend exec meetings for the duration of exams, it was agreed that this was not a sensible idea.

h4. Socials

Paul broadbridg tol the exec he had organised another social which is a cinema trip on sunday the 31st at 1PM

h4. BFL

Chris boyle was asked to check the holding a LAN page as the technical officer David buckley was asked to update the "what to bring to a LAN" page on the main website.

h4. BBQ

Richard Wilson and peter Ellis were asked to organise equipment for the BBQ

h4. Tech

It was commented that the ftp directory needs to be reorganised. Richard Wilson was asked to do this and in the process add "/ftp/pub/misc"

Richard Wilson then summarised the planned server migration and the assoceated game of musical harddiscs that would have to be played, Chris Endicott volunteerd the services of a 40 Gig harddisk to assist witht he swapping.

Paul Broadbridge suggested a compsoc VPN, this was decided to be a good idea but would have to be implemented after the exams.

David Buckly informed the exec that the details of the proposed changes to the website are on the TechTeam Wiki under Website

h4. AOB

It was mentioned that during the exam period we needed to have a rota of which exec member was going to be at gaming each session, David Buckly was asked to write a cron job to mail the exec list if there were no exec signed up to gaming.

Paul Broadbride was asked about thepiazza leaflet, which had been finished but not sent, and was asked to sort this out.

The meeting was then adjourned.