AGM Notes 2020-02-28

Posted on 29th February 2020

AGM Notes 2020

In attendance: Lots of people

Late: Some people

Absent: Rob


  • People want us to run more academic events overall, i.e. hackathons


  • More multiplayer games for gaming-get
  • Introduce a feedback form in gaming-get, allow requests there
  • Get Mario party for the Switch
  • Possibly buy a second Switch
  • Exec should make themselves easily identifiable, especially near start of the academic year


  • Three LANs in term 1 was a bad idea
  • Look into providing monitors for attendees
  • Have a more concrete schedule to entice people to come back over the weekend
    • Advertise casual tournaments more?
  • Consider getting R.O.G. laptops again
  • Prioritize finding a good weekend for the first LAN for freshers
  • Interact with first years, make them feel more welcome


  • Cool and good
  • SU Atrium was a great idea, should do again
  • Poke the university about the publicity opportunity
  • Get more camera angles
  • Consider alternative to circling tables


  • Good :)


  • REALLY Good :)


  • Consider engaging more with fresher discords
  • like for real flicking up to hang up on someone on your smartphone makes sense phonetically but in practice is a massive anti-pattern. this has nothing to do with our society i'm just salty