Welcome to Warwick!

This page is designed to be a collection of all the useful links and information you might need if you're joining us at Warwick this year!

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What do we do?

You can view more about what we get up to in normal times here, however here's the headlines:

  • Academic talks from past and present members of the society, as well as external speakers with research and industry backgrounds
  • Weekly gaming sessions (usually in the Department for Computer Science building, online for now)
  • Twice termly LAN parties - bring your computers along and hang out all weekend with us, playing games and eating pizza!
  • Regular and one-off socials, sometimes with other societies, such as Tabletop!

Joining the Society

Our society has no extra fee to join! This will give you access to voting in elections whenever they happen, and also means you receive our newsletter via email every week during term time! The only requirement is that to join SU societies you must have the appropriate Societies Federation membership. This is something that you need if you join any society unfortunately - if you're planning on joining lots of different societies it'll be worth it!

You can join by following this link to the SU website!

(We'd recommend doing this after 1st September as memberships reset on that date so you would end up paying twice)

Keeping in touch

Other than our website, where you can find information about our events, we also publicise and talk about them on various other platforms that might be easier to keep track of!

Discord - Our Discord server is where current and past members alike chat about various topics from programming to films to gaming (we have a lot of channels). It's probably the best place for you to keep up to date with what we're running at any given time! discord.uwcs.uk

Facebook group - If for any reason you don't have/don't want a Discord account, we often try to cross-post all of our events onto our Facebook group (where there is strictly no advertising other than from us and those we deem appropriate). https://www.facebook.com/groups/warwickcompsoc/

Twitter - We've just started using our Twitter account again! Much like the Facebook group, we will attempt to post information about the events we're running. https://twitter.com/uwcs/

YouTube - In the age of almost everything being remote or socially distanced, we sometimes run remote talks which we aim to record for those that cannot attend! You can find the recordings on YouTube!