Pub Social on Mon 24th June 2013

BFL Farmhouse Trip

Time & Date

Mon 24th June 2013, 19:30 - Mon 24th June 2013, 20:30


The Farmhouse


We're doing a group trip to The Farmhouse during BFL.

If you want to come you should sign up so we have an idea of the numbers, if you want to walk with us from LIB2 we'll be leaving at about 5:45, most of the exec are going so just find one of those for more info at the time.

The Farmhouse is a family restaurant serving tasty Indian and English food that's a reasonable amount further than the place where we have our weekly pub social, and the location of holiday pub.

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User Comment

Mon 24th June 2013, 17:48

four man, three man, two man, one man and his crab pub


Mon 24th June 2013, 13:49

three man, one crab and one anthropomorphic blob pub


Mon 24th June 2013, 01:49

three man and one crab pub


Sun 23rd June 2013, 22:46


Sun 23rd June 2013, 22:35

two man pub

Oliver Raabe

Sun 23rd June 2013, 22:22

one man pub (y)