Contact us

The main method for communication with the exec is via email at This email is read by all current exec members who are always keen to hear from our members. If you want to contact us about technical issues related to our services, please e-mail our tech team at instead.

The computing society also uses a few other means for communication between members old and new. These are our own Discord channel, IRC server and Steam group and Facebook group.

For access to our Discord server, use the code uwcs in the Discord app or the Discord website.

IRC can be connected to using an IRC client and on the standard port (6667), with the primary channel being #compsoc.

Our Steam group can be found at

Also check out our Facebook group for events signups and reminders.

The exec committee member emails can be found below, should you ever need to ask them a question directly via email or Discord:

The exec team as a whole can be reached at <>.