Contact us

The main way to reach out to our society is via our general email,
All current exec have access to this inbox, and we're always happy to hear about opportunities for our members.

If you're a current student and want to get involved with the society, we'd mainly recommend:

  • Joining the inclusive and friendly community of current and former students on our Discord Server, across a variety of topic channels.
  • Following our Instagram page, to keep up with our events via posts, and see behind the scenes with our stories.

You can find out more about the individual members of our exec committee here, but their emails can be found below:

Exec Contact Emails
Role People Contact
President Keegan Rimmington
Secretary Owen Connors
Treasurer Alex Furmston, Joey Harrison
Academic Coordinator Alia Meek, Max McIntyre, Sam Chee
Gaming Coordinator Constantinos Ladd, Jacob Coates, Laurence Reynolds
Social Secretary Kunal Shah, Mat Knight, skiros Habib
Gender Inclusivity Officer Jenny Hutchins, Preya Thaker
Tech Officer Adam Skrzymowski, Felix Bowyer, skiros Habib
Publicity Officer Andreea Nicolae, Brendan Bell, Ella Horne

If you're not sure who to contact, the exec team as a whole can be reached at