LAN information

What is a LAN Party?

A LAN party is an event where everyone brings their computer to a room and we all play games together and eat copious amounts of junk food.

What does LAN stand for?

LAN stands for Local Area Network which is what we are all connected to while at these events.

How often do LANs take place?

In the first two terms we run two LANs in each. These usually happen around weeks 4 and 8, but check our events page to be sure. In term 3 we run BFL instead, and that takes place during week 10.

How long do they last?

Our LANs all last 48 hours (8pm on friday to 8pm on sunday) with the exception of the BFL which lasts 104 hours (10am on monday to 6pm on friday).

Do I have to be there the whole time?

No! Especially in the case of the BFL, that would not be advised. There will always be a member of exec in the room, supervising and keeping an eye on your belongings, so feel free to come and go as you like.

What should I bring?


  • Base unit with installed Network Card
  • Monitor (one monitor only, due to limited space)
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse (+ mat)
  • Headphones (NOTE: No speakers are permitted at compsoc LANs, the noise generated by 60 machines competing with each other for sound is too much to bear, and besides, we have a music server)
  • Joystick or steering wheel (if appropriate)
  • Mobile phone
  • Leads
  • PSU Power lead
  • Monitor Power lead
  • Mains adaptor (4-way minimum)
  • Network cable (4m recommended, however 1m will normally be sufficient, although we do have a lot spare if you need!)
  • Mobile phone charger lead


  • Money – enough to buy…
  • ...Munchies, drinks and pizzas – some organised people even go to Tesco’s before the LAN!
  • ...Steam games


  • Clothes are preferred. Maybe a pair of shorts in case it gets toasty, and a jumper for when everyone cools off at 4am.


  • Pillows (nice to make the chairs more comfy, but NO SLEEPING, security hates it)

Useful Extras

  • Screwdriver to open case
  • Notepad + Pen
  • Homemade sandwiches (cheap and kinda refreshing after so much junk food)

And Finally…

Bring yourself in a reasonable state - sleepy is fine!

My question isn’t answered here…

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