LAN information

An FAQ on our LAN Parties

What is a LAN Party?

A LAN party is an event where everyone brings their computer to a big room to all play games together and eat unhealthy amounts of junk food.

What does LAN stand for?

LAN stands for Local Area Network which is what we are all connected to while at these events.

It basically means we're all connected by ethernet cables for superfast connection speeds.

How often do LANs take place?

In the first two terms we run two LANs in each. These usually happen around weeks 4 and 8, but check our events page to be sure. In term 3 we run Summer LAN instead, and that takes place from Monday to Friday Week 10.

How long do they last?

Our LANs all last 48 hours (Friday evening to Sunday Evening) with the exception of Summer LAN, which lasts 104 hours (10am Monday to 6pm Friday).

Do I have to be there the whole time?

No! Especially during Summer LAN; that would not be advised. LANs are drop-in events, and there will always be a member of exec in the room, supervising and keeping an eye on your belongings. Feel free to come and go as you like.

Can I sleep at LAN?

You cannot sleep at LAN (security don't like it)

If you intend to attend a large proportion of LAN, please make sure to shower before the event.

What does UWCS provide?

A room, tables, chairs, and the network

Network cables: For connecting to the network

A music server attendees can queue YouTube videos to

Sometimes we are able to bring out our VR Headset (the Index), and other consoles from Friday Night Gaming

Sometimes exec, or other members, bring board games with them - feel free to bring your own, but we can't guarantee space for them

What doesn't UWCS provide?

Computers/games: Sometimes we provide free-to-use gaming laptops curtesy of our sponsors; however unless we state otherwise, assume you have to provide your own computer and games

What should I bring?


  • Base unit with installed Network Card
  • Monitor (one monitor only, due to limited space)
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse (+ mat)
  • Headphones
    • NOTE: With 60+ computers in one room, speakers are not permitted at LANs
  • Joystick, steering wheel, or any other peripherals you require
  • Mobile phone
  • Any cables your devices require
    • PSU Power lead
    • Monitor Power lead (if required)
    • Mains adaptor (4-way minimum - a maximum of 2 sockets per person)


  • Money: For food and drinks from the local cafes, outlets, and supermarkets.
  • Food and drink: If you don't want to go out to buy it
  • Appropriate clothing
    • It gets warm in the summer, and cold at night
  • A pillow
    • Comfy
    • Feel free to leave it at LAN while you go home to sleep
  • Yourself!
    • In a reasonable state
      • Sleepy is fine

My question isn't answered here...

That's not a question, but you can email our gaming coordinator at, or ask any of the exec on our Discord by pinging @exec. You can also get in touch on Facebook, Twitter, or IRC.