Week 2 Term 3 Exec Meeting Minutes

Posted on 8th May 2021

Present: Amelie, Ella, Josh, Leo, Keegan, Scott, Skiros


John's House: John

Welcome Week

  • Need to complete a Health & Safety assessment for Friday Night Gaming. Deadline is 21st
  • John to complete? happy to sit down with non-final year exec to go through the process


  • How was gaming?
    • Jackbox week 1, decent turnout. Hit capacity on Jackbox which was good.
    • Alex's game was good, very fun!
  • Anything we could do differently?
    • Turnout probs won't be great this term anyway, it is exam term. Normally end up with quieter attendance/gaming etc.
  • Next week?
    • TTT could be good to bring back. We could always set up a server on Milner etc, others could run it.
    • Look into setting up our own server?

Upcoming events

Lightning Talks (Week 3)

  • One more announcement on the day.
  • ACTION: Josh to crosspost to FB
  • ACTION: Write new announcement for Monday

Nettitude CTF (Week 4)

  • Not many signups.
  • Keegan to create a Google Form and send another announcement.
  • Michael will send to CS263, Skiros to send to CyberSec
  • Kali VM is crucial to joining. Should post guide link
  • External announcements include link to Discord, with direction to #tech to get help.
  • ACTION: Keegan to create Google Form and write another announcement. Send to Michael and Skiros for sharing.
  • ACTION: Get in touch with DCS to email out???

Warwick PLAN/Warwick Women's Careers/Other Events

  • Groups potentially interested in doing events with us next year.
  • Tried to find contact for Warwick Women in Engineering....
  • No contact from Game Design yet.
  • ACTION: Ella to prod/continue organising

Merch Order

  • ...is a thing!
  • Flags, clothes as normal, stickers...
  • Add flag and mascot (blue square) to stickers. Include shield and pride variant. If provided with original variant of UWUS we will print it.
  • Other flags were suggested but lukewarm response. Could be done similar to pride design. Four dots doesn't always work well for flags with 3 or 5 colours.
  • Dan could mock some stuff up for us. Amelie to look into sticker designs.
  • Alex's company has done pronoun badges for tabletop, do we want to offer those? Sounds nice. We do less in person than Tabletop but still a cool idea.
  • What time should we do this? Not realistically going to get anything sent out until the end of term.
  • UWCS Duck? Leo? Interest shown.
  • This is a set of smaller orders. Not a massive issue but something to be aware off. Don't have to do everything in one go.
  • Page up on website to indicate everything we "sell". SU have store page? Previous time sending money through SU had a few issues. As long as we bookkeep correctly and don't make a profit.
  • If you are selling to current members you can discount otherwise not.
  • Pencil in Week 5 to officially announce and start offering stuff? Probably won't deal with money until after exams.
  • ACTION: Finalise sticker designs
  • ACTION: Leo to look into ducks
  • ACTION: Set up website page with images of stuff
  • ACTION: Add pronoun badges to merch order
  • ACTION: Finalise items to sell ahead of Week 5


  • tossed around a few ideas in previous meetings.
  • MC are interested in doing a crossover event with us. Probably some building event all week where we announce winners on Friday. Ball in MC Soc path.
  • Would like to mention it more. Lower of newsletter slowly raising.
  • Don't care what we call it.
  • ACTION: Mention in newsletter.

Any Other Busyness

  • Hackathon
    • Could be nice to do but not sure when to do it. Could do it over Summer if we get enough interest. Strategically could be start of next term. There is a bit of time between end of exams and BFL where it could go.
    • Could look into hosting one for people outside of the uni too. Would very much need help from the Department.
    • Got an email from a Premier Inn at some point offering hosting for events??? Warwick Conferences is the "kind of money we don't have"
    • These seem to take a LOT of time to organise.
    • Term 2 is very busy for everyone. Start of Term 2 could be a reasonable time to run something like this? Need to avoid Global Game Jam (maybe, Wk3 so will overlap with LAN). Weeks 2-4 sounds like a shout. Courseworks are a pain.
    • We shouldn't default to looking for external sponsors, but sponsors are generally good.
    • Will need to think about time, first aid, food, facilities etc.
    • Commit to looking into it but not definitely running it yet. Pencil in Wk2-4 weekends Term 2.
    • AWS, Google, GitHub. Worth reaching out to, they love sponsoring. Sponsors could offer free equipment, run workshops and stuff etc. Big question is do we sponsor? Also add current sponsors who could be interested to the list.
    • Dept could provide prompt for it?
    • ACTION: Discuss over the course of this week then vote on sponsors and look into making this happen.
  • GH Organisation re-org. If you are not on the exec but interested in contributing, let John know. PRs welcome but don't feel the need to refactor everything into a different codebase.
  • ACTION: Leo: PLEASE DO THE THING and redeploy Apollo, please.
  • Keegan to contact DCS re question sheets for topics and giving them out in Welcome Week. Possibly questionnaire to gauge what people want? Keegan to finish a sample one and share in public Discord for feedback.

Random Quotes and Memorabilia

"I don't think the meeting will be that long" - John

"Can we give the blue square eyes?" - Keegan

"incremental bluwu" - Alex

"Thank you Alex" - Amelie

"I finally have my duck" - Amelie

"Sinjo can suck it" - Amelie