Minutes 27/10/15

Posted on 27th October 2015, Categories: Meeting Minutes

-Codd is being migrated to Nodd soon (not determined yet). We will move over IRC and have both IRCs running simultaneously for a while and give people many reminders to switch before we finally kill Codd.
-Need to do a gaming survey at some point.
-Put a description of the tables in the LAN description.
-Email Jackie about the Simon Tatham talk, to broadcast it.
-Pizza at the talk! Just buy 4 or 5 large ones.
-Need to ask Roger for the LAN trolley.
-LAN Tournament! Something scary? Hearthstone? Phillammon decides.
-Chris wants to give a talk in week 9 on Monday.

h2. hermit

-Halloween decorations (if you want)

h2. chris

-Make a talk for Monday week 9.

h2. rhiba

-Get cleaning supplies for LAN.