Minutes 22/04/15

Posted on 22nd April 2015

h1. Academic

-Rockets - probably going to be delayed until after exams (not during Lan)
-Sponsorship - WILL AND MARMITE NEED TO GET OFF THEIR ASSES - will has part written a letter that will be sent out
-IBM trip - Will got a trip offered to us, any time really, probably mid term 1 next year. “Emerging technologies” - get the department to advertise?
-Speakers for next term - divide up list of contacts and give each exec people to talk to, rayhaan will do talks next term

h1. Gaming

-Big screen shenanigans? - organise more - during BFL - wednesday or tuesday during day
-LAN films? Dictate within the exec - schedule on saturday of exam lan (Hackers)

h1. Tech

-Cluster (is openstack still on the networking naughty step?)- now working

h1. Social

h1. Publicity

h1. Misc

-OMGWTFBBQ - reserve in advance, end of week 8, sat, advertise
-Going back to Phoach next year!

h1. Action overflow:

h1. All Exec

h1. phillammon

-book out big screen for 2 hours sometimes in BFL (daytime, preferably tues/wed)

h1. rhiba

-book bbq

h1. maddy

h1. rayhaan

-migrate gallery so we can upload stuff!
-fix planet compsoc
-fix anime/all mailing lists.

h1. marmite

h1. robot

-get phoach menu

h1. mcnutty

h1. hermit