Minutes 2018-06-22 (Term 3, Week 9)

Posted on 22nd June 2018

Present: David I, David II, Sam, Rob, Amelie, Luke, Jai, Toby, Ed, Alex, Eric, Charlie, George

Late: eSports Sam

Absent: Everyone else. Obviously.


WASD + Raffle

- Done a thorough test of the audio, everything seems to be working.

- A graphics test should be completed later today.

- eSports Sam has asked that we keep the streaming setup for the tournaments as well, this should be fine.

- Posted about WASD on reddit (r/speedrun), people seem to be aware of the event and looking forward to it.

- Will put the SpecialEffect flag that we receieved behind the streamers.

- Have most of the raffle prizes, expecting the last prizes later today.

- Through BFL signups we have raised £115 so far in signup fees - any excess past the expenses for raffle prizes will be donated directly to SpecialEffect.

- People from CompSoc exec need to volunteer to mod.


- No signups for League tournament yet, that will happen soon.

- Prizes for tournaments approximately £25 for winner.


- Setup will be at 9am on the Monday morning, many people will be there to help.

- Exec will meet at about 8:30-8:45am to load onto trolleys and take them across to the rooms. We set up as normal, but with an additional room: seating first, then power, then internet.

- Will network through the roof, as previously. Will use Dijkstra and Neumann to route the internet.

- At 10am, need to take delivery of many chairs. May not be assembled - need to be prepared to screwdriver the hell out of them.

- We have 90 litres of water to distribute to our participants and WASD runners.

- Teardown is at 6pm on the Friday. May need to take down the chairs before that though. Would like to keep the place tidy during the week to minimise this though.


- We have confirmed that Deutsche Bank would like to increase their quantity of sponsorship to £1.5k.

- TPP have said they want to sponsor us on a bespoke package, we need to formulate it and get back to them.

- Blackrock haven't talked to us about sponsorship for the next year, but we should probably ask if they'd like to again.

- The London Stock Exchange have also approached us.


David I - Send Jai the graphics for the sponsors.

Sam - Send newsletter on Sunday instead.