Minutes 2018-05-29 (Term 3, Week 6)

Posted on 29th May 2018

Present: David I, David II, Sam, Amelie, Toby, Ed

Late: Esports Sam, Rob

Absent: Everyone else. Obviously.


- David I has put some promotional content for BFL together, which can be sent out tonight.

- RoG bus should be around Week 9, not as part of BFL as planned previously.

  - This could maybe make a reappearance next term (the Open Day team have expressed interest), but this is TBA.

- We're fundraising for Special Effect, David I has been put in contact with them.

- Need to augment the raffle with some other prizes.


- Esports Alex has posted the material we need to create for Twitch front page.

  - Describe what WASD is, etc.

- We'd like to do a test run, but the room isn't available. We may have to test the setup during Gaming, which we'd like Jai to be there for.

- Will give rewards to the runners, but we have more runners than Discord shirts...

- Should talk to RAW TV about obtaining cameras for the event.


- Getting there. David I is trying to refactor it so that we can send out digital advertising this evening, so people can see a splash screen for the event.

- Signups should be open Week 7 (Friday 8th June). Will close 2 weeks later to give us a window for ordering supplies.

- Seating plan is going well.windows is just the retail windows without the installation support included.

  - David I is not keen on everyone being able to move others on the seating plan.

    - We'd like to have this as a permission that can be retracted.

- Will host tournament signups as well. People should be able to sign up to these without necessarily signing up to LAN.


- Prizes need to be sorted.

  - Hearthstone can be 3D-printed.

  - May ask Rhiba to design Random Game trophy.

  - Overwatch and League to be sorted.


- RoG and noblechairs providing prizes and laptops for the week.

- Playground Games *may* get in touch (Murtag has reached out to them).


- CompSoc does Crash, it's week 9 and it's happening. The event is up on Facebook.

- End of term meal is tentatively week 9 Friday. But Warwick Fringe is also then, so we're holding off on organising that for now.

Data Breach and Privacy Policy

- By now, everyone is aware of the awful blunder made last week w.r.t the data breach.

- David I and Sam met with some higher-ups at the SU this morning.

  - They emphasised that we did fairly well in the aftermath, and did all the right things RE notification of members.

  - They notified us that they (the SU) are our data controller, and our first point of contact in the future.

  - They did however have some pointers for us in terms of our tech as a whole (brought up in the ensuing discussion):

    - We need to encrypt all databases containing PII.

    - We need privacy policies on uwcs.co.uk and warwick.gg (and send these to Dave for review).

    - We need some way to make off-site backups. Currently all backups are on-site.

- We're allowing a small window for responses to that email.

- We need to change the emails we store to the form <usercode>@live.warwick.ac.uk, because ITS reassigns emails with initials and surnames for some reason.


- Gaming this week - David II is not here.

- We're not running the Vive for a few weeks, due to DCS request.

- Pub is not running week 10.


Sam - Forward terse emails to Dave

Rob - Write privacy policy

David I - Send privacy policy to Dave

Sam - Contact RAW TV


David II - "David I is Richard Nixon."

David I - "Thanks McNutty for playing 4D chess with GDPR compliance."