Minutes - 14th January 2015

Posted on 14th January 2015

Present: veltas, marmite, maddy, mcnutty, rayhaan, robot, crumpet, philamon, zed0

Next meeting: Wed 21st January, 1pm

h1. Marmite's Musings

Maddy kills things that are annoying or disturbing. Robot looks worried.

h1. Academic

h1. Gaming

-Favoured games from gaming survey to be bought, publicised

h1. Tech

-Finances for the rack are all done
-Mailman got sick, but rayhaan helped him so he's a bit better now (I don't understand technology)

h1. Social

h1. Publicity

-Promo stuff from refreshers appears lost forever
-Need to contact and attend meeting of socs committee, being listed on su website under entertainment suddenly seems possible

h1. Misc

-Clothing order hoodies will be £18.90, polos £14.64, £50.40 overhead paid by society

h1. Action overflow:

h2. All Exec

-give hermit admin powers on out likeable facebook page
-write summary of position for agm

h2. veltas

-seek new sponsors
-give marmite any extra fosdem details for the newsletter
-plan programming competitions
-find out mechanics for splitting society
-contact socs committe re: listing as entertainment on su website, try to attend a meeting

h2. maddy

-chat to tim about nintendo events
-talk to xbox guy about more events
-find out how to get rid of random crap
-responses to gaming survey
-buy popular games from survey

h2. rayhaan

-link steam and facebook groups on website
-formalise tech team to handle website and servers

h2. marmite

-run clothing order, set up ordering system and payment via SU
-newsletter: gaming responses, intersociety laserquest, agm reminder, selected games from survey

h2. robot

h2. mcnutty

-link exec cape order form
-get gaming the server rack for storage space

h2. hermit

-update society posters
-society business cards
-spam freshers facebook groups with gaming advertising